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Heroes That Killed BLA Terrorists in Karachi Attack.

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29th May, 2020, Karachi: Major attack has been carried out by the militants of Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA) in the premises of Pakistan Stock Exchange. Four gunmen reportedly entered the high security building with the massive load of ammunition, grenades and guns. The attack was supposed to be massive but the soldiers of Rapid Response Force along with other Security Officials have averted the carnage and saved the day. All four Baluch terrorists have been killed in the fire exchange.  

According to the reports, the attackers came in a silver Sedan, wearing the Ranger’s uniform and strived to storm down the PSX from the parking area. They threw the grenade at the main entrance of KSE and opened fire indiscriminately when the two soldiers of the Rapid Response Force, Constable Khalil, and Constable Rafiq impeded their way and eliminated all the militants near the entrance gate. Constable Khalil shot one militant point-blank in the head.

DIG South Sharjeel Kharal said that the militants were heavily equipped with modern weaponry and allegedly had planned “a long fight” but the quick response from the law enforcement agencies have successfully sabotaged their plans.

Unfortunately our five men including one sub inspector and three security guards embraced the martyrdom in this miserable incident.

Soon after the incident, The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) claimed responsibility for the attack. Majeed Brigade, a unit of Balochistan Liberation Army has revealed that all the terrorist were suicide attackers.

Have you seen how blatantly they claimed the responsibility of this pathetic act? This raises the question for those journalists and liberals, whose voice doesn’t get hoarse by constantly speaking in the favor of BLA and its cronies like Mama Qadeer, what’s your stance now? Feeling ashamed yet?

Respected journalists and activists like Hamir Mir and Jibran Nasir, who have kept feeding these snakes like Mama Qadeer and supported them by covering their anti-state plans under the covers of human rights, What do you want to say now?

See the following video of Hamid Mir a journalist, glorifying this terrorist and blackmailing the State.

Till when we will keep on supporting the treasons and traitors in the name of love and support for the brotherhood? People like Mama Qadeer and Altaf Hussain keeps on begging the Indian Government to provide them with arms and financial support, and we keep on promoting the message of peace and love for ALL. No, not anymore. Our soldiers, officers, and guards are not sheep or goats to sacrifice over their filthy plans.  It is the time to realize this simple fact that whoever will support any type of treason, will stand in the line of traitors for us.

This incident shook the whole nation. Everyone is shocked and disturbed by this brazen act. But on the other hand, the whole nation is all praise for the two brave and valiant heroes who, without thinking once about their lives, have come forward in defense of their people and forfended the Karachi city from a bigger loss. We as a nation are thankful for your brave step.

We have fought a long tiring battle against terrorism. Our loss is beyond measure. We thought that we Pakistan has recovered from the layer of terrorism but it seems that we still need some more time before complete peace is ensured and with such brave and courageous soldiers & policemen, we will prevail, but before that, as a nation, we need to stand up in the support of our heroes and sweep off all the traitors once and for all.


Maya SH

Blogging with passion

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