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High-Time -‘Bhang’ would soon be ‘officially’ introduced in Pakistan

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The Cannabis (bhaang) are being used and cultivated in the Asia Pacific even before the creation of Pakistan. According to historians, people who are using Cannabis from centuries before the Muslim faith was introduced in the region. Its medical use and benefits are also mentioned in ancient Vedas and sacred Hindu Texts. It was widely used to treat different ailments like chronic pains, depression, seizures, mend bones, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. It is also known for battling certain types of Cancer.

Apart from being a part of Hindu Vedas, the use of Bhaang was also very prominent in Sufis and Saints, which they use to take it to gain spiritual enlightenment. Even today if you visit the shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi in Karachi, you are very much like to get welcomed by the prevalent smell of Cannabis.

However, the use and cultivation of Cannabis in Pakistan is considered illegal and prohibited due to its addictive elements and intoxicants which are forbidden in Islam – but seems like the Government of Pakistan has finally decided to amend the laws for good.

Pakistan Has Approved License For The Cultivation Of Cannabis In Pakistan:

Recently the Minister of Science and Technology, Chaudhry Fawad Hussain announced that Cabinet has approved the first license for the Ministry of Science and Technology and PCSIR for industrial and medical use of Hemp. He also said that this ‘landmark’ decision would place Pakistan in the billions of USD CBD Market.

Hemp or industrial hemp is a variety of Cannabis plant which is commonly used to make papers, textiles, biodegradable plastic, and health food. In a news conference, Fawad Hussain Chaudhry said that Cannabis will be cultivated in place of Cotton, and will be used as medicine to treat various ailments.

Cannabis in Pakistan – High Time For Potheads.  

Though the use of Cannabis in Pakistan was banned its under-the-table trade was always on amongst rich and potheads. Especially in Peshawar, Cannabis and other intoxicants are being sold since ages. When the news hit the potheads, they showered love and praises on the Government. They also shared their ‘experience’ of how it will help you in certain ways and damn – listening to it will make you rolling on the floor in laughing.

Cannabis is presently being used as medicine in many countries and its health benefits are indeed tremendous but the Government would have to strict the laws for buying drugs made from Cannabis because addiction of any intoxicants is dangerous and can cause serious troubles.


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