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Hotter Version Of Kaali – Indian Enraged By ‘Cartoonist’

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They say Karma hits back in the most unfavorable conditions – It often hits you in your most ‘sensitive’ parts, where it becomes almost impossible for you to even ‘pretend’ strong

India – a country having Muslims in millions but still the bigotry and hatred this state has against them is beyond one’s imagination. Wherever there are any events of offending Muslim’s faiths and beliefs, you will see Indians standing in the front row. 

 A few days back, Charlie Hebdo, a famous French Magazine republished the blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Muslims all over the world protested but Hindians backed this incident by calling it “Freedom of Speech”. Many Indians also called out Muslims for censuring the ‘Poor Cartoonist’ violently, who just expressed his thoughts in form of sketches (just wait and watch) Hence, they fully support the stance of French Magazine to hurt the Muslim’s sentiment. But as you know, every once in awhile, Karma makes you have the taste of your own medicine.

Recently, an atheist man insulted and disgraced the Hindu deity “Kaali” by calling it ‘sexy’ and posting explicit images of it.

Armin Navabi – is an Iranian-Canadian atheist man and a founder of a major Atheist group “Atheist Republic”. He is also a Co-Host at the famous YouTube channel, Secular Jihadist. Navabi is ill-famed and notorious for mocking religious beliefs and offending Muslim sentiments. He has got the full support of Indians for disrespecting Muslim’s faith but recently the support of Indians for a blasphemer returned to them like a slap.

Recently Armin Navabi posted a tweet in which she mocked the Hindu deity ‘Kaali’ for being too ‘Sexy’. 

 “Ok, I’m in love with Hinduism. I never knew you had such Sexy Goddesses. Why would anyone pick any other religion” Armin made this tweet along with an explicit image of the Hindu Goddess.

This tweet enraged Indians and placed them in the blazing Agni Kund (fireplace) after which they showed extreme outrage on Twitter.

Indians, who were earlier calling out at Muslims for being ‘extremists’ and ‘intolerant’ over blasphemous sketches, were putting money on Armin’s head over a tweet in which “the poor cartoonist just expressed his thoughts via ‘sketches’ – how it felt, humbugs? Maybe you should take it easy and should not behave like Jihadists like us?

The controversy queen Kangana Ranaut also slammed the cartoonist and a complaint lodged against the man for ‘insulting’ Hindu religious figures.

Many dumbheads also tried to mock him by offending Muslim’s belief but forgot that he is an ATHEIST. Some statements even baffled Armin.

Irnonic, isn’t it? Earlier an Indian politician insulted, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and these Hypocrites called Muslim terrorists for protesting and behaving vehemently – and how about you abusing and insulting this atheist’s Mother and threatening him to rape her? Isn’t it terrorism?

However, as a Muslim, I strongly condemn the act of Armin Navabi because I know how bad it feels when someone mocks and makes fun of your religious beliefs, and hope that Indians will remember this ‘slap’ next time before calling Muslims as ‘jihadist’ or ‘Muslim Fanatics’


Maya SH

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