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House Wife From Karachi Loses 135 Pounds By Making Simple Changes In Her Food Habit

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Its gets little difficult for a person with an active career to hit the gym, just because of the 5 working days and 9 hours shift, just imagine how much difficult it is for the housewives in South Asian culture who are working day in and out without any holiday.

Motivated to bring a difference in her life, Syra Haider a housewife from Karachi could not look after her health due to the work load in managing her daily married life routine.

She constantly battled with her weight however when she turned 23-years of age, she weighed 310 pounds and it was the heaviest she had ever been.

A battle that began quite a while ago

“I have always struggled with weight and self perception since I was very young,” Syra told Republic of Buzz

“My first memory of my body is a couple of size 13 pants in seventh grade on the first day of my secondary school that I had struggled really hard to fit

In her earlier years of high school, her parents made me try a different diet and she remembered how random family members kept coming up with ‘desi-nuskay’ local remedies to help reduce my fat but unfortunately all went into vain, nothing seemed to work.

Eventually I got married in between all that struggle, which made my struggle even difficult to achieve any result as being a housewife brings extra dose of work load hence distracting me completely away from my weight loss strategies.

A great achiever who neglected herself

“My entire life I have been extremely capable, self-reliant, and a objective-oriented person. I’m an achiever. For as long as I can remember, I’ve taken on as much responsibility as my plate can possibly handle and then some,” Syra said.

“I was so overwhelmed with making everyone else in my life happy, and attaining A plus grades in my academics, becoming second to none that I completely lost myself, and that’s when the significant gain of my weight occurred,” she remembered.

A Resolve To Change

Coming back to her life as a housewife, she stood at 310 pounds, Syra knew something had to change. She tried her best to pick up the motivation and the courage to give weight loss another try and even if that means pushing through her housewife routine. It is pertinent to note that She also had some emotional issues to deal with, which were rather becoming new hurdles in her way but her major strategy was to maintain a focus.

A few months later, she conquered her fear of the gym, she convinced her husband to allow her sometime for the workout and she eventually got the permission. In no time, she developed her workout routine into a habit.

A routine that worked over time

She got some exercising tips from a trainer at the gym and then made sure she followed it to the fullest. It was hard, battling in pushing up the scale of stamina by doing cardio like anything.

What she realized during the process is that exercises are not the only tools that would help achieve her target, it has to be her food habits.

She has then made significant changes to her diet and is learning to change her approach to food. “Food is still really hard. I don’t want to pretend like I’ve got it all figured out — I don’t,” Syra conceded.

If eating with hands can make you sense the flavours, then eating slowly will help your body extract all the nutrients. Yes, you read it right! Eating slowly is important to extract all the nutrients and improve the digestive system.

Syra decides to stick to the three meals a day routine. She decides to completely cut down on carbs which means no rice, no bread and being a desi Pakistani girl, one knows how hard that is but then I had to stay focus and so I had to do what I did.

Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner my options for the whole week except Sundays is that I consume anything but carbs. While carbs are also essential for the body and so I restricted them to Sundays, they were proving to be too dangerous in terms of weight gain than one can imagine. So confining them to 1 or 2 days worked very well for me.

A lot of Pakistani housewives stick to green-teas and they believe that its gonna help its, its true that the green-teas are one of the most effective sources to reduce weight but they are only a supportive source not entirely a solution, the solution is the change in lifestyle, and yes you can change your lifestyle as a housewife as well– said Syra.

By having this new routine, she has removed the necessity of thinking about food too much. It may seem like a drastic method but it has been effective. Since the beginning of her weight loss journey, she’s lost 114 pounds and is determined to keep going. 

What Syra has done is primarily motivating herself, then she setup a target and made sure she maintain the focus, rest everything started to unfold in her favor. Her ultimate goal is to feel proud and confident when she looks at herself in the mirror. And she sure has managed to achieve that.


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