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How important is sex education for women in Pakistan?

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Sex education is important for every nation, but in Pakistan, it’s still considered taboo. It’s the 21st century, but the country still contemplates holding the matters of sexual anatomy, intimacy, and reproductive health in secrecy. Pakistan is a very populated country, with more than half of its population being the youth. Yet, the young generation is unaware of safe sex, sexual health, consent, and reproductive health. People don’t understand how important sex education is for the women and men of this country.

In the west, sex education exists as a compulsory course in the curriculum of high school students. However, in Pakistan, the word sex itself is a controversial statement as if it’s some sort of vulgar term.

Even the government refrains from using it for programs initiated to create awareness about the topic of sex education itself.

Instead, the government uses words like family planning, but the point is that sex education doesn’t deal with the process of having sex.

Rather deals with educating the people about the harmful consequences of unsafe sex. It makes people aware of their body and systematic changes to it due to puberty.

And teaches the importance of using contraceptives along with educating women on how to take care of themselves during pregnancy and menstruation.

Importance of sex education for women in Pakistan:

Women in Pakistan are in the shade when it comes to knowledge regarding sexual and reproductive health.

Because most of the young girls never get the chance to attend school. Where they can acquire some information about the topic through the seminars and presentations organized by school or sanitary pad manufacturing companies like Always.

Now this lack of sexual education in women causes other serious issues for them too. For example, the importance of consent and the value of using contraceptives and safe sex.

Most of the women in the country face marital rape because they don’t even know it’s their right to say no!

Moreover, women in workplaces and other environments face harassment, and sometimes this results in rapes too.

Now, think the other way. Well educated women would know their rights according to the law. Plus, this knowledge would help them take relevant safety measures to avoid such events.

Plus, the mothers could also play a role in teaching their children about consensual sex. Which would ultimately help in reducing the harassment and rape cases rate in the country.

Furthermore, lack of proper sex education can also lead to the transmission of fatal diseases like HIV and AIDs.

Health issues due to insufficient sex education for the women:

Moreover, if women aren’t provided with proper education about the menstrual cycle. Then, they are more prone to different diseases due to unhygienic practices during menstruation.

According to a survey, 77.7% of the women hadn’t attended any class related to this topic even in their school/college. And around 90% still used absorbent materials during their periods. This sums up the whole dilemma of the lack of proper sex education in Pakistan.

Hence, it’s very important to address this issue and bring a proper reform to provide sex education to the youth of this country. Especially the women, as they’re more exposed to such types of scenarios like reproduction and menstruation.

Nevertheless, sex education for men should be prioritized about too, so they understand the concept of controlling sexual temptations and respect their partner’s, or in general anybody’s consent.

Moreover, sex education makes them aware of their body and reproductive health.

Also, because of sex education, the population will be able to learn about the importance of contraceptives. Which will ultimately reduce the harmful effect of unsafe sex and control the population of the country as well.

Sex education, Islam, and the mentality of people:

We’re well aware of the fact that; “sex” word itself receives much criticism in the country, and people tend to avoid this conversation. It will be safe to say that it is actually prohibited to talk about it in homes and religious places.

This is evident from the mentality of the people in the country. During a survey, most of the parents and teachers considered sex education against their religion Islam. And took it as irrelevant and immoral.

But is it really in conflict with Islam, or we’re just uneducated about this? Well, Islam doesn’t condemn sex education at all.

However, it instructs to provide sex education gradually according to the age of the person: which is understandable.

Nonetheless, our society has made a meaningless issue out of this topic and continues to be ignorant about it while people face problems like transmission of sexual diseases like Aids and HIV.

Along with other issues like abortion, unsafe sex, rapes, and harassment.

How can we bring a change?

Thus, the question is how will a change be brought to such mentality and make people understand how important sex education is for the women and men of this country.

Well, everyone needs to make efforts at their end and contribute towards the collective growth of society in terms of health education.

Schools and Colleges need to add a relevant portion related to sex education in the curriculum.

Parents need to communicate with their children about this topic. Before they are exposed to misleading content on the internet such as pornography: which supports acts of violence.

Which might promote inhumane acts like rape in the youth. Furthermore, religious scholars and government also have a significant role to play in this matter.

If they don’t speak up about this then, most of the population will still be reluctant to talk about it and clear the misconceptions.


Sex education is indeed a controversial topic in our country. But we have to come out of such mentality and educate ourselves regarding sexuality and other health issues related to sexuality. So that we can avoid unwanted pregnancies and health issues.

Moreover, right sex education can also eradicate social issues like rape, molestation, and sexual harassment from society. It’s important to make the girls and boys aware of their bodies, sexual desires, and consent.

To live in a better tomorrow, we need to invest in our present and make relevant changes! That’s it for today! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts about sex education in Pakistan for women in the comment section below.


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