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How Indian Digital Media Is Engaged In Systematic Propaganda against Pakistan?

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Every age has witnessed war transformed by modern technologies and concepts, and this Information Age has promised to be no different in this aspect. The new mechanism of war for this era is Digital warfare. Unlike conventional battles, it is being fought via digital mediums, causing more harm to the countries. In this classification, the most common type is Cyberwarfare.

Cyberwarfare can present a multitude of threats towards a nation including bolstering traditional warfare, espionage, and carrying out systematic propaganda against the rival country. It is commonly used to malign and destroy the credibility, integrity of a state and causes harm to its reputation worldwide.

India has been carrying out this systematic propaganda against Pakistan for decades using the current technology of that time. Whether it’s about print media, Broadcast media (TV, Radio), or Support media, the Giant Republic of India has always been indulged in these ‘Cheap little Tactics’ against Pakistan. And now, in this Digital age, India sought dependence in Cyberspace to carry out its baseless and nugatory propaganda against Pakistan.

Indian Digital Media Engaging In Systematic Propaganda against Pakistan – IPRI

According to the Data revealed by the Islamabad Institute of Policy Research, the Indian digital media has been engaging in systematic propaganda against Pakistan that grew exponentially in the last 2 years.

The IPRI reports divulged that the Indian propaganda has been revolving around 4 key themes:

  • The campaign against Pakistani Armed Forces
  • Stoking civil unrest within Pakistan
  • Sabotaging the China Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC)
  • Plugging propaganda regarding Indian ‘Illegally’ occupied Jammu and Kashmir

Here are the complete details of the propaganda campaign mapped out on the diagram shared by IPRI on their official account.

The data reveals that since August, one of the prime targets of this Indian Propaganda campaign especially has been the CPEC authority chairman Lieutenant General (Retd) Asim Saleem Bajwa.

Earlier this year, many false campaigns regarding General Bajwa’s corruption has taken place in the Cyberspace. A Pakistani journalist Ahmed Noorani has published a so-called investigative story in which he claimed that General Bajwa is a corrupt person with over billions of dollars of assets. However, soon this propaganda busted when it came to light that the Pakistani journalist ‘borrow’ this story from the Indian Retd Major, Gaurav Arya, who posted a similar story on his YouTube channel. It was a major Indian conspiracy that has been carried out in Pakistan via traitors and Dalaals.

Why General Bajwa? Because maligning his credibility will not only affect CPEC but also give a wrong impression about the Pakistani Army, and people will soon lose trust in them. 2 birds with one stone.

Stoking Civil Unrest: Last month, several Indian news organizations and Twitter account found engaged in spreading fake news regarding a ‘Civil war’ breaking out between the Sindh police and the armed forces. They took this fake propaganda to such an extent where they even shared morphed pictures and videos of Karachi to back their stance. The country was severely called out by several ministers and digital media analysts, with calls for Twitter’s support team to also look into the news and curb the spread of false information on its platform.

Now, if you observe closely, it was all happened carefully while keeping the timings in mind. When all the PDM fuss was happening here in Sindh over Safdar’s alleged arrest by Army, the Indian media used this chance and spread fake news regarding the Civil war in Karachi to create a condition of turmoil and unrest in Pakistan. Not only that, but behind all the major civil unrests including sectarianism and ethnicity-based wars in Pakistan i.e. Shia-Sunni clashes and Baloch issues, there was India.

Fake Propaganda Regarding Kashmir: Every other day, we get to see India’s hue and cry over Pak involvement in Kashmir. They try their luck hard to show the world that whatever they are doing is to ‘protect’ Kashmir from the militants sent by Pak. The infamous Pulwama attack was a false flag operation and an example of their filthy propaganda against Pak. The entire blame of the attack was not only placed on Pakistan but also conducted an attack on Pak, in Feb. They called it India’s revenge for Pulwama, however Pakistan gave much befitting reply to it in form of ‘fanstastic tea’

As per the chart, many other campaigns were also involved including attempts to isolate Pakistan globally, FATF, and attempts to sabotage Pak-Afghan Peace process.

This could be only India’s idiosyncrasy and ways to stoop to such low levels of grace to fight with Pakistan. The world is evolving and yet they are stuck into conventional tactics of Kitchen Politics i.e. blame-game, propaganda, back-attacks, etc. Shame. It is extremely sad to have an enemy with such low morals and dignity. I wish for India to grow some balls and get some high standards to fight like a man in the battlefield, by this behavior they are not making Pakistan afraid but ashamed to have such a coward neighbor and enemy.

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