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How Pakistanis Are Consuming Social Apps?

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Technology is one of the most grateful blessings provided to anyone. It’s like a gift one can get and have so many things as an advantage to it. One of the most known uses of technology is awareness. We use mobiles and internet etcetera in order to have knowledge.

Social media has brought so much information into the youth that by this it can conquer anything. Which is why its excessive use is also not very preferable.

There are many applications made by owners by WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Ticktock, and other websites. These have many uses like used as infotech and messaging or even for entertainment.


Youtube in Pakistan was banned for over 3 years from about 2013 and it lifted in 2016. After the allowance of the Pakistani government as the video that created its banning got removed from the site.

And after its release the growth of YouTube is immense. Over 73% of Pakistan has a YouTube watch time. 78% of the users agree that this site can be used to watch any kind of video. 64% of Pakistanis think of it as their favorite video platform. 68% think that it is extremely informative in terms of getting any news about a product or a brand.

There are almost 8 categories that Pakistanis tend to watch on YouTube

  • Sports
  • Tv cinema
  • Comedy
  • Travel
  • News and talk shows
  • Music
  • Beauty
  • Food

Sports channels like PTV sports and Ten sports are the main channels grossed in  Pakistan as it provides both live streaming and highlight videos for later watch.

ARY-digital and HUM-TV are the main drama serial channels over millions of subscribers and viewers every day. People tend to watch the shows of they missed it on air on YouTube as the channels upload it there.

ARY digital has over 10700000 subscribers.

Hum TV has over 6840000 subscribers.

There are many channels made by various Pakistani YouTube sensations that are very famous amongst the Pakistani community. Most families comedy based channels viewed the most are:

  • Bekar films
  • The idiots
  • Karachi vynz
  • Irfan Junejo
  • Sham Idrees
  • Shahveer Jafri
  • Zaid Ali T

These channels have more than a million subscribers almost and have almost more than 500k views on every video of theirs. Pakistanis enjoy these kind o videos a lot.

For everyday news and talk shows Pakistani tend to view the most famous news channels such as Geo TV, Samaa TV, Dunya News etcetera. Samaa Tv has over 4390000 subscribers on their channels as instead of television people tend to watch the news bulletins on YouTube.

Coke Studio is an internationally viewed Pakistani channel that has many Pakistani views as well. It’s a show that is aired on television and then the music videos are put up on YouTube. This is one of the most liked music-related channels ever. It has over 4390000 subscribers.

Beauty related channels that many Pakistani females watch are DamnSheKnows, Huda beauty, Jeffrey star, Tati Westbrook. These are the most famous beauty channels viewed.

Masala TV is one of the most viewed Pakistani food-related YouTube channel. Except that the master chef is also viewed by many Pakistanis.

Many people have said that YouTube should not be ignored in terms of marketing and advertising for product selling or brand endorsements. It has the best system of advertisements shown on every video and it has been proved that brands have gotten more costumers through advertisements of YouTube than on television.


Ticktock is one of the most famous and well-known applications downloaded in Pakistan. It is a social media platform used for creating, sharing, and discovering short music. Like karaoke for digital use.

It is used in such a way that people select audios of songs or movie scenes and act out in it through lip-syncing and dancing. This is their way of showing their talent in this industry.

As the statistics say that it is one of the most downloaded social media applications in Pakistan this year it has over 18.1 million downloads in 2019.  

Most of the Pakistanis have been addicted to this application and many of the. Articles say that it has become very much of a time waste and has been causing concentration issues for youngsters throughout. Even though many think of it as an entertainment website used for fun-loving people but this idea is also being spread that it can become very criticizing and a waste of humor at times.

Many of the reviews that fellow YouTubers have been giving regarding this infamous Ticktocker app is that it’s a waste of talent and has nothing to do with acting. It has only become competitive yet has been causing many issues for the youngsters. But it can be taken as an entertainment-based application.


The usage of both of these applications has grown very fast and are steady in its statistics based. Both have different uses thus different amounts of use from people.

This article is written by our contributor; Ridda Abbas

Wajiha Raghib

Wajiha Raghib

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