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How to earn money online in Pakistan?

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Last year has been troublesome for everyone around the globe, and amidst this pandemic, many people have become unemployed. The Pakistani economy has also been hit by a strong blow of all time. Hence, people are looking out to earn money online in Pakistan, in a way that helps them make a living remotely from their room through computers.

However, not everybody is aware of ways to earn online in Pakistan because people don’t really work online here as preference is given to a proper job and office work. Thus, this article will provide you with relevant information about such markets that can help you find opportunities to earn money online.

So, without further delay, let’s jump into the article and get to know how to earn money online in Pakistan!

5 effective ways to earn money online in Pakistan:

You won’t believe it, but there are endless possibilities to make money online, but as we’re speaking specifically for Pakistan. I decided to shortlist 5 ways to earn money online in Pakistan that are reliable and provide good earning opportunities.

1. Become a Freelancer:

If you’re a Pakistani and you know basic English then, you can jump into the freelance market. If you don’t know what freelancing is then, allow me to explain that to you. Basically, freelancing is offering services online to businesses or individuals.

However, to become a freelancer, you need skill too! Now that can be editing, videography, content writing, graphic designing, etc. Don’t worry if you’re not skilled yet.

You can learn the skill of your choice or the one you think you’ll do good in on the internet. There are literally free courses on Youtube, and some of the industry specialists offer paid courses too. But that totally depends on you!

Prominent freelance platforms to earn online:

There are plenty of freelance platforms on the internet, but the below-mentioned ones are the most popular amongst freelancers.

2. Jump into the blogging world:

Another profitable and interesting way to earn online is to start a blog. Now blogging can be done by anyone, but it’s not for everyone. Only if you have an interest in running a blog then, you can make this venture of your successful.

Moreover, when it comes to blogging one has to make sure that they’re starting the blog in the niche they’re interested in. Because without interest I doubt you’ll be able to run a successful blog.

3. Opt for digital marketing:

Digital marketing throughout the world is becoming more and more common due to the increased usage of social media all over the world. The same goes for Pakistan. Hence, digital marketing has become a fortunate skill for people, and it is known as one of the highest paying markets online.

But, what exactly is this digital marketing? Well, digital marketing includes promoting, advertising, and creating an online presence of the business on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you think you can do that or have the relevant experience or skill then, just grab the opportunity! Trust me they are countless.

You can also open a small digital marketing firm and hire professionals in this field to offer their services to different businesses domestically and internationally through the internet.

4. Enter in the field of Data entry:

So, probably most of you understood this way of earning online by reading the heading itself. Yes, in the field of Data Entry, you have to enter the relevant data into relevant fields or wherever your client wants.
This work doesn’t really need much skill and expertise, but it does require basic typing skills and knowledge of software like Microsoft Word and Excel.

This job can be perfect for students or people who want to work part-time and make some money without acquiring some expert-level skills or maybe who want easy money generating work.

5. App and website development:

Now, this market does have plenty of work opportunities and good rates but remember, without the required skills of the app and web development, you can’t step in. So, either you learn first or if you have the relevant skillset then only you can work and get jobs in this market.

However, do remember this if you excel in the field of web and app development then, you can probably earn more than an average employed person. It’ll be an ideal market to work in if you’re a computer student.

Qualities you need to earn money online:

I introduced you to the 5 best ways to earn money online, but without the below-mentioned qualities, you can’t succeed in making money through the internet.


The first and most important quality that you should have is patience. Without it, you can’t survive in the market. There are plenty of opportunities online, but they do take time. It takes time to build up an image online, to get long term profitable projects.

Good communication skills:

You see communication is the key to get more clients. With poor communication skills, you can’t do anything. Doesn’t matter how good you’re at something if you can’t pitch your proposal, well then, I’m afraid you’ll get any work.

Be consistent and work hard!

Consistency and hard work are super important. You can’t just disappear for months and then come back and expect people to give you work. You have to keep practicing and be consistent with your work. You’ve to polish yourself throughout the year.


There is a tone of work opportunities online. And Pakistan is becoming one of the leading markets to provide different services from web development to graphic designing. But everything requires passion and interest. You need to find the field that amuses you, and you can easily earn money out of it. But remember first you’ve to learn the relevant skills, then go on to excel in that particular field.


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