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How to Manage Your Money During Inflation?

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man managing money during inflation

There has been a constant rise in inflation in the Pakistani economy in the past few months. The general consumer was already facing a huge dilemma of managing his/her money during this hard time. It became worse from the historic rise in petrol prices which stand at Rs. 137 now. Because Pakistan is dependent on imported petroleum, this means prices will spike more. Therefore amidst this storm of inflation, you must know how to manage your money during inflation.

This article precisely focuses on this topic, and you’ll learn the top 4 money management tips through it. So without further delay, let’s get straight to that.

Top 4 tips to manage your money during inflation

Make changes to your budget to manage your money during inflation:

The price change in the economy changes the overall dynamics of affordability for the buyers in the economy. This means you cannot purchase like before as you can not afford like before. Hence, you must readjust your budget according to the current environment. You must decide what is to be prioritized and what is not. Moreover, you also need to reallocate the budget according to your new affordability.

Invest instead of save during inflation:

You might think the best thing to do during inflation is to keep money in your savings account. However, that’s not the case in reality. During inflation, money loses its value: therefore, saving it won’t yield you much revenue. Hence, you can utilize the money beyond your emergency fund to invest. Investing will help to generate profit and thus, increase the flow of income in the household.

Delay the costly purchases:

I know you may have decided to purchase a house or new car this year but now that prices are hitting high. You should delay such purchases. This also includes expensive consumer goods like purchasing a new phone or any other appliance which isn’t a necessity.

The delay in purchases will help you manage your money during inflation effectively. Furthermore, if a purchase is important as a car; then, instead of buying a new one go for a used one. It’ll allow you to save up on cash to use during this period of high prices.

Start a side hustle to manage your money during inflation:

Before you were able to manage all your expenses with your primary business or job. But during inflation that is not enough. Therefore, another way to manage your money and expenses through this period is to start a side hustle. It can be anything from a side hustle to a part-time job that can generate you some additional revenue at the end of the month.

Ending Remarks!

Inflation is a common phenomenon of an economy, but when the prices spike drastically; then, you must take some action. By action I mean, you should learn to manage your money effectively during inflation. This will save you from the negative effects of inflation such as unexpected financial crises. Plus, effective management of money also minimizes stress in your life.


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