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How Vulgar Are The Pakistani Dramas?

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Pakistan is a Muslim state and has to oblige itself by doing the things Islam would consider doing. As the generations are moving forward and the technology is starting to modernize this era, there have been many changes in the television and movie industry that has caused an uproar in the audience.

Difference in Hollywood/ Bollywood and Pakistani television industry

Mathira crossed limits in morning shows Pakistani Scandal - video ...

The outside world is seen to be a bit more diverse and explicit but here in Pakistan, decency and moderate content are appreciated.

Hollywood/ Bollywood has shown many scenes that were censored whenever those movies used to be aired in Pakistan but the change that is now being surfaced is that Pakistani industry itself is creating content that is not supposed to be watched with family and has scenes including indecent dressing of female actors, body revealing clothes, indecent and explicit dialogues and unnecessary physical contact between actors and actresses.

The change of content

Before this era of “everything open”, the shows and movies used to talk to the explicit stuff in a hidden kind of way but now there are shows that were specially called out by the audience and condemned because of its storyline and graphical content.

Saima Khan | Mujra - punjabi mujra

This started from showing off bars to girls wearing knee-length dresses and backless gowns to the point where unnecessary hugging or pecking on the forehead seems to be taking away of it being normalized in the audience.

Indecent storyline and scenes

Chup Raho

This drama showed how a girl was raped by her sister’s husband, the storyline being it showing off how important awareness is but how it was showed was depreciated as Sajal Ali was literally shown manhandled by Syed Gibran, this scene was unnecessary and could be shown in another way.

Kitni Girhen Baqi Hein

It supported homosexuality as its clearly mentioned that its haram. It tried to normalize a romantic involvement in between women.


It showed how sexually frustrated a man was that he wanted to be pleasured by his house servant. Before this subject was not even touched in the media.


Unnecessary hugging and pecking between the actors.

Band Khirkion Ke Peeche

It showed desperate housewives trying to live their life in a sinister way that they have illegitimate relations with younger boys, some paid them off and others were dafing other men whilst being married. This ruined the sanctity of being called a woman. This was all because of failed marriages.

Mere khuda

The girl was kidnapped on the night of her wedding, the groom consummated the marriage just to change the DNA records.

Bunty I love You

This show is so indecent and that the Saba Qamar playing the lead role of a wealthy old man and her in her 30s was going through the funeral of her husband saw a young boy and did plenty of things to win his heart. This show not only had this inappropriate age difference where she was going for a young boy plus it had indecent dresses as well.

All these dramas mostly have these things rounded on the same subject of sex where in our country this talk is considered as indecent and explicit that should not be talked about at a big screen.

Improvement in dialogues and moreover, the dressing and decent storyline would help gain a big audience.

Nida Sindhu

Nida Sindhu

Full time mother, part time blogger.

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