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“Humraah”: Asim Azhar Snatched His Song Back from India And We Loved It:

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It is often said that Art and Music have no religion, nationality, or boundaries. Music is divine and is believed to work as a healer for all the souls universally, despite their cultures, religions, and ethnicity. But unfortunately, this phenomena has been changed by the avaricious and megalomaniac rulers around the globe. Due to the ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan, India’s biggest Entertainment Industry Bollywood, have banned Pakistani singers and artist and refrained them from working for the Bollywood. The producers also canceled all the pending projects with them and some, under the influence and fear of fanatic bigots, have given the credits of the efforts made by Pakistani artists to some other Indian artist. Something similar happened this time, but a young lad has changed the game now.

Asim Azhar: A Magical Voice Representing Pakistan Internationally

Asim Azhar. A young and dynamic Pakistani singer and actor is known for his soulful voice and emerging talent has become a heartthrob of millions of hearts over the course of time. He has given his melodious voice to many famous tracks and OSTs, but one song that became a reason behind his immense popularity was Tera Woh Pyar/Nawazishain Karam, a beautiful duet which was recorded for an acclaimed platform Coke Studio, along with Momina Mustehsan. This song made Asim Azhar an overnight sensation in Pakistan and earned him praise and admiration from around the globe. Soon, his popularity reached across the border where the magic of his voice cast the spell and made millions of Indians fell for him.

Recently Azhar has made it to the news and the reason has shaken his fans with irk and excitement. The singer has posted an official video on YouTube of a blockbuster song “Humraah” from the movie Malang, vocalized by him. He revealed that years back, he composed this song for the movie but unfortunately due to the political situations of both the countries, he never been able to give his vocals to the song. 

This news was shocking yet thrilling for his fans in India and Pakistan simultaneously. Like Pakistani, his Indian fans also respond back to his version of Humraah with lots of love and compliments. Some bashed T-series for stealing this song from Asim Azhar, others praised his version over Sachet Tandon. Hence, completely forgetting the ongoing tension over the border, the true music fans were united in the comment section to celebrate the love for Music.

So Why Asim Azhar Hasn’t Been Credited For His Own Composition?

In an interview with a magazine, the superstar divulged that years back, he signed the big label of Universal Music and was working on his first single. He sent his composition to the label where this track came under the knowledge of a renowned Indian film director Mohit Suri, as he was associated with the Universal Music. Suri loved the track and asked him if he could use it in his next film, Malang to which Azhar agreed with pleasure.

Later, because of the worst border tensions and political conditions, Asim was told that it would be impossible for the makers to release this song under his vocals. He was left with two choices that either they scratch the song from the movie or have an Indian artist sing for the movie. Azhar decided to give life to the song and gave up on his vocals. But it didn’t stop here. The movie’s posters that have got the name of Asim Azhar as one of the Music Directors have also been changed, eradicating all the credits under his name. The makers requested to remove his name as well to avoid any complications for the film and again Asim proved himself, not only as a great start but a great human being, and complied according to the requests.

Sachet Tandon was approached to give his vocals to the track. The song released under the banner of T-series and become a super hit overnight. By achieving 34million views over a short period of time, this track has made its place in the top trends. Where Indians were celebrating the song, Music lovers from Pakistan were also praising the composition without knowing that the mastermind behind this incredible piece was none other than their own boy, Asim Azhar.

But since the original version has got uploaded on YouTube, the netizen is not getting over it. Most of his fans believe that Azhar’s version has overshadowed the one from the movie. Though, the ghalatfehmi singer explained that his action was never meant to take anything away from Sachet Tandon. He believed that he was a great choice for the song and his voice was closest to the original feel he sang in. Despite everything that has been happened, he still believes that the biggest credit for him is the fact that his song has reached the heart of his fans around the world. However, he does feel bad about the reality that how political scenarios are making artists compromise on their art.

“Humraah” A Melodious Blessing for the Ears:

Humraah by Asim Azhar is unarguably one of the finest compositions ever made. The melody is strong and soulful. The sonorous voice of Asim takes you off your feet from the beginning of the track. Starting from the low steady pace, the song suddenly takes an interesting twisty turn and gives you a sudden feeling of tarantism, following by a fast thumping pace that elates you instantly. These sudden highs and lows in the track make you feel like riding in a roller coaster of the symphony, especially the part where the singer takes a soft alaap in “tera karta houn shukriya” was truly breathtaking. Lyrics were pretty engaging and meaningful, whereas the use of the instruments was just right to keep the listener swaying over it throughout the song. Overall it was a brilliantly composed and extremely well sang. We would like to congratulate Asim on creating such a beautiful composition. Though we feel bad that he didn’t win the credits he deserved but he won the hearts of millions of his fans all over the world.


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