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Husband Throws Wife For Being Covid Positive

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Women have been a subject of great importance in every era. She has played an important role in the establishment of the world and mankind. Every religion and every charter existing in the world lays great significance on the respect and modesty of women. But we must mourn on the fact that no follower or believer of any religion has laid the importance of the equality and importance of women. The world has been male dominant and followed the tracks of patriarchy. They feel that it will be a loss of their masculinity if women will be standing in front of them or standing in their shoes. It is an amusing factor that the masculinity that is considered to be brave and strong will become so fragile that it would hurt merely by giving equal rights to the opposite gender.

Barbaric Cultures and Practices of Ignorant Societies:

A long time ago, it was the tradition of India that if the husband dies, the wife would be burnt alive with him. This tradition was called Satti. On the other hand, It is worth pondering over that no such things ever applied on Husbands neither will. What this actually shows is that women used to be treated as nothing but a mere property of men. Arabs had a history of misogyny and were nurtured on the hatred or prejudice towards the female gender. This hot deserted lands of Arab has experienced the screams of those newly born girls who got buried alive under the merciless soil. It was something so barbaric that even an animal would never do to its kid. Many revolutions came in Arab which emphasized the rights of women but changing the law merely can never change the mentality of people. The womb and lap of the mother are considered as the first school. Women around the world have to teach their boys to respect women from the start as the teachings given in this age will last until their last breath. It seems that Arab mothers considered themselves as men slaves and not as equal souls. Maybe this is the reason that this Egyptian man did not consider his wife as a living being, but an animal slave.

On June 24, 2020, a report published in Al Watan newspaper that an Egyptian man threw his wife from the fifth floor of his apartment after being tested positive for Covid19: 

Cairo, 25 June 2020: A woman has been thrown from the fifth floor by her husband because she was infected with the novel Coronavirus. However, she survived the fall and has been taken to the hospital by neighbors in critical condition.

The victim’s husband told the police that he was afraid of being infected. “My wife took three tests which all confirmed she was infected. I asked her to leave the house. When she refused I pushed her” he told the police.

Dr. Aly Mazydah, an orthopedic surgeon in Ain Shams University Hospital in Cairo where the victim is being treated, said the hospital had to arrange special operation theatre in its quarantine department because the lady was infected with Covid19.

Public prosecutors are waiting for the wife to recover to get a sworn statement.

Today, when the world is facing a pandemic COVID 19 that has shattered every individual living in this world. This deadly disease has affected millions of people around the globe. Governments and nonprofit – nongovernmental organizations are working without any break to help the victims of this disease and to save humanity from falling apart. Enemies have turned into caretakers just to fight this virus and save the world. But unfortunately, not everyone is kind enough.

This man tried to kill his wife because she was infected. Maybe this guy brought up watching Zombie series and believe that every infectee must be killed in order to survive, and this is where I started to believe that the COVID19 is not a crisis but a punishment to mankind. Punishments that occurred on the past ignorant Nations like L’ut and Pharaohs

The Husband Said He Was Afraid To Get Infected; “I Asked Her To Leave The House But When She Refused I Throw Her Off The Building” Husband:

Why? Why this act of brutality and barbarism has just become a Breaking News without being followed with any condemnation or life imprisonment? Of course, the coronavirus was not the only reason behind it; it must have accelerated in the previous years. Upon investigations, it was revealed that the husband wanted to get separated from his wife due to the heated arguments they used to have every other day, and the tension became worse when he found out his wife is infected with Covid19. He asked her to leave and throw her when she refused to leave her own home. Wow, amazing isn’t it? Just in case if you have not had enough then, let me tell you another story of brutality and barbarism.

Egyptian Husband’s Sinister Plot Lead to Wife’s Murder:

This was the news that broke two days ago, but the story behind it would destroy your faith in humanity. 

 Cairo: Iman Adel, a 21-year-old young girl and a mother to a 9-month-old baby boy found dead in her apartment. Her husband Hussein 24 claimed that he returned from work to find his wife dead. The Police checked the footages of the surveillance cameras in which they found a suspicious man, wearing a mask entered in the building and left sometime later in suspected way, who later identified as young guy Ahmed.

Ahmed, upon being investigated by the Police of Cairo, admitted murdering Iman in her apartment. He revealed that he works in a clothing store owned by Hussein, husband of Iman, and murdering her was a part of his husband’s SINISTER PLAN.

It was revealed that the victim’s husband, Hussein wanted to marry another woman, but the victim refused. Therefore Hussein allegedly reached an agreement with his employee, Ahmed, that he would break into the apartment and rape his wife, so he could divorce her without being liable to compensate her financially if proven that she CHEATED on her husband.

Ahmed said that because the victim screamed and resisted during rape, this is why he had to strangle her before leaving the apartment.

That’s it. This is how much a life of a woman cost, and that’s all the reasons are required to kill an innocent soul. Now I understand why people pray to have a son and not a daughter.

Respect and Equal Rights To Survive Are The Only Basic Things A Woman Demand:

Since the world is created, the woman is struggling to make her place in the society which was created by her. Isn’t it ironic that a society which she raised with her milk and blood, is refusing to give her the status she deserves? Why despite being given so many rights and a significant rank in Islam, women are still looked down upon as a 2nd-grade living being?

Basically, the ignorant mentality has nothing to do with religion. Today, the world is just divided into two sectors; humans and animals. Those who respect humans and humanity, and can feel the pain of every living being, despite their religion, color, caste, or sexual preferences… are Humans. Whereas those who defy human rights, tortures a soul and kill someone for their benefits, no matter how educated they are, or how much money they have are Animals and should be CAGED till death.

It is said that it is impossible to know what women want. I say no it’s not. If you observe closely then all women want love, respect, and rights to live, to be happy, and to be free like any individual. That’s it. She just wants what you want. She just feels how you feel. If you think you won’t be able to give her these rights, then kindly do not think to tie her in a relationship because often women prefer to die in chains of relations than to break them. Be kind, be HUMAN.

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