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If Boys can then why can’t girls? Feminist Tweeted this with Bold Photo

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Feminism has been stirring up more controversy as International Women’s Day approached. The feminist movement started in the late 1960’s, shedding light on domestic violence, sexual harassment and gender inequality against women, especially of colour. Early marches were lead by Gloria Steinem, the first nationally recognised feminist, who created a stepping stone for other feminists to follow in her footsteps. The hope was that the message would transcend globally to change the system of inequality for women, everywhere. Particularly, those without freedom of choice.

Today, there are different waves of feminism with different ideologies – some more extreme than others. Since before the US presidential campaign last year, feminists came out advocating for women’s rights stronger than ever in support of the first woman to run for president of the United States. It didn’t help that the man who ran against her was considered sexist – someone who degrades women and thinks it’s okay to grope them if he feels like it. Women everywhere came out to rally against him, passionately voicing their dislikes of our sexist society. Yet shockingly, he won the election. This outraged many feminists who became angry and hostile. Their viewpoint became radical and spread like wild fire, leaving trails of bitter words and hostility amongst those who disagreed with them. This made the topic of feminism, one you would want to avoid.

It was once liberating and empowering to be a feminist because it showed strength to stand up for what you believe in, but the extremity of the issue has got us questioning if feminism today is still empowering women?

In Pakistani, certain angry women have gotten the word feminism to its completely different meaning. For Pakistani feminists, women rights is all about hating on men, taking off clothes, same-sex marriages or relationships, problems with Islam and the country’s unity, so basically it has more to do with self-loathe than women rights now.

This girl on Twitter handle, named as Sidra Haq, uploaded her bikini-clad photo, saying that since men in Pakistan can take off their shirts then why can’t women have the same freedom?

In an increasingly globally connected world, cultural differences, and our responses to them, can sometimes create barriers to doing business or a job at medical or educational facility.

It is up to you to lead yourself in developing sensitivity to, and knowledge of, the cultural implications of your behavior as an individual in a particular society.


The lack of cultural sensitivity exhibited throughout the country has led to many social issues throughout society. This type of intolerance is portrayed throughout many different facets in the community creating great inequalities. Insensitivity and intolerance has aided many underlying detrimental circumstances, especially questionable outcomes or care options in healthcare. Islam clearly disapproves women from revealing their bodies and if a Muslim doctor does something like this, it becomes a concern for her female patients.

Indifference is inhumane, and if this system of thinking continues throughout all institutions, the public,and generations to come will be at a great loss. Cultural sensitivity ought to be an integral part of healthcare practitioner training to provide equitable, efficient, and quality care despite distractions manifested by social constructs, social norms, and other forms of ignorance.


Sobia Umair

Housewife and mom blogger

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