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Iffat Omar Confessed Of Being ‘Lusty’ on Sets – Disgusts Twittersphere

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Seems like the recently launched Pakistani chat show ‘Say it All With Iffat Omar’ will be the most controversial show of this year. The show is hosted by the glamorous and talented actress ; Iffat Omar, who calls famous Pakistani celebrities on her set and talks about their different experiences of life.

Rather than other talk shows, this show tends to hit sensitive subjects like romanticism, extramarital affairs, dark secrets, etc. Recently, the veteran actor, Noman Ejaz came into hot waters for shamelessly confessing him cheating on his wife on this show, and having multiple affairs behind her back. Noman Ejaz brazen statements enraged and disgust netizens to the core. They called out at him and bashed him for normalizing extramarital affairs and his uncontrollable lust for the women.

The thing which more annoyed the public was the obscure reaction of the host, Iffat Omar. She seemed to be enjoying his tales of cheatings and flings and was inspired that her wife never got to know about his affairs. She also mentioned in the end that there’s a lot she needs to learn from him, and this statement vexed the audience even more. Netizens were perplexed that despite being a married woman, why she didn’t show any repulsive behavior towards him. When a user uploads another clip of her show which concluded everything for everyone.

In her recent viral clip, Iffat Omar confessed of being ‘Lusty’ at sets during her shoots with male celebrities.

While having a casual chit chat with actor Ali Rehman Khan and model cum actress Hareem Farooqui, Iffat Omar revealed that what she used to do to fulfill her Tharak at sets. She unfolds that she was doing a serial with the veteran actor Rahat Kazmi – in which Iffat was playing the role of Rahat Kazmi’s Daughter. During a shoot, Rahat Kazmi was supposed to hug Iffat Omar. Iffat confessed of taking many retakes desperately just to embrace him again and again – She said that he was playing my father but I was fulfilling my ‘Tharak’.

This statement left the guests of the show burst in laughter and the netizen annoyed.

By the way, have anyone spotted those feminists who along with Iffat Omar were censuring Ali Zafar for being a harasser and molester – NO? Don’t you think after Iffat Omar’s confession of being lecherous at Rahat Kazmi, male celebrities should call a #metoo march?

Being a senior actress and a mother of a young girl, I don’t know what made Iffat confessed of her tharak so shamelessly – what these artists are promoting for heaven’s sake? One is bragging about his extramarital affairs and the other feels no shame in admitting her lust for a senior actor. What on earth is wrong with you guys?

And no one should dare to tell me that this is normal and this is what they do. Imagine if someday they decide to reveal their ‘bathroom tales’ – it’s also something they do on a daily basis – Huh. I, being a social media user don’t care what you guys do in your personal lives, but keep it personal – don’t promote such rubbish on social media or be ready to whine about people interfering in your ‘privacy’.

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