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Imran Khan Approved ‘Chemical Castration’ For Rapists – Get Praised by Netizens

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After a long time, Pakistanis are experiencing their pleas getting heard on several issues. Sometimes back, when the poor Zainab got raped and murdered, the nation protested with the same rage and anger, but every government servant turned a blind eye to it. We demand severe punishments even then to get that poor soul justice, but all in vain. Instead, we experienced mockery in the name of justice.

We saw ministers sitting with the father of a murdered child and cracking jokes with each other. Looking at all the scenarios, we were sure that justice cannot be served here –Now looking at Marwa and the motorway case, we weren’t sure what to expect from the government as well. But PM Imran Khan’s bold and unwavering stance surprised everyone.

PM Imran Khan Suggest Chemical or Medical Castration for Rapists and Pedophiles:

Talking to a journalist on Monday, IK said that he would like convicted rapists and pedophiles to be publically executed or chemically castrated.

Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his deep grieve on Motorway Incident. He said that this was so major that jolted the entire nation.

IK said that he believed the culprits should be hanged publically but doing that could endanger the preferential trade status given to Pakistan by European Union – “I personally think pedophiles and rapists should be hanged publically but I’m told that we have international repercussions. EU’s GSP status for trade with Pakistan will be affected by Public Hangings. Hence, I think chemical castration must be conducted on those criminals,” he said in the interview.

Imran Khan said that Abid Ali was caught in a gang rape case in 2013 – Had he been given strict punishment then, this incident would not have happened today. Hence it’s needed that we chemically castrate them.

“The way there is first degree, second degree, a third-degree in Murder, this [rape] should be graded in the same way. When there is first degree [rape], castrate them, operate on them and made them unable to do this ever again” said IK

Pakistani Filled With Gratitude Over This Bold Step By The Prime Minister

This statement of PM Imran Khan has actually shown Pakistanis a little glimpse of Naya Pakistan which was nowhere to be found. The vehement stance of PM is getting lauded on Social Media. Netizens are hoping that IK would come out with more major reforms in this aspect.

Undoubtedly, this was one of the most loved ‘sixer’ of IK – Glad that he took the public in confidence over the Public Hanging issue and came out with something more extreme and logical – but PM IK should know that this punishment is not foolproof. Castration would only make him unable to rape, but not unable to kill. A Serial rapist would definitely attempt to kill its victim. Castrate them for sure, but then hang them – if not publically then within the confinements, but such venomous snakes must be killed.

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