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In Sickness, In Health – Love Story of A Couple Who Defeated Death Together

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Relationship don’t last because of the good times; they last because the hard times were handled with love and care

I have learned that true love is like an orchid. It is delicate, rare, and is something many people trying to find, but it only reveals itself to the lucky ones. It is surrounded by darkness, much similar to a dirty bog that surrounds it, and doesn’t let you find it easily. If you want it, you must be willing to face hardship. And true devotion in love isn’t about the lavish display of affection or grand expensive gestures, but a consistent quiet commitment to one another day after day. It’s about a silent promise that no matter what may happen tomorrow, they would be there for each other in every thick and thin. Here’s a story of a couple who did not only took this oath but proved it with their devotion and commitment.

When They Met:

This love story began in the educational environment of Punjab University. In 2011, two young people from Lahore, Ammar, and Zainab went to the University of Punjab, to study software engineering, when cupid strikes its arrow. Soon both fell in love and decided to tie the knot.

Things acceded to families and the marriage date got fixed between both the parties, and the wedding got scheduled for August 10, 2018. But destiny had something else stored for them.

Ugly Twist of Fate – Young Bride Zainab Diagnosed With Cancer

10 days prior to their Nikkah, the young bride to be, Zainab felt some pain. She went for a checkup where the Dr. prescribed some tests. However, after multiple checkups, they got the worst news of their lives. Zainab was suffering from Blood cancer.

Despite knowing about this horrific news, not once did Ammar think of leaving her. For him, his love was greater than this illness. Instead, he pledged that he would only marry Zainab, and decided to get her treated.

Exactly on the scheduled and decided date, Ammar tied knots with the love of her life, Zainab, and start her getting treated at Shaukat Khanum Hospital. However, soon he comes to know that the disease had reached a very dangerous stage, and she had to be taken to China for further treatment.

They were told that the treatment would cost whopping 7 crores PKR. It was a huge amount but not more than Ammar’s love for her. Without giving up, Ammar sought help from a lot of people to save Zainab’s life.

Love Defeated Death

Looking at his devotion, Ammar’s family comes forward in helping her. Ammar’s brothers sold off their business abroad and brought the money to Pakistan. His mother sold all the gold she had, and so did Zainab’s parents. Together they collected funding from Pakistanis and somehow gathered 7 crore rupees.

The young boy did everything to treat her, and not even once he left her side. Ammar took the oath ‘in sickness and in health’ to the next level, and destiny had to change its decision. As of now, Zainab has successfully won her battle with cancer and is safely made out of it. Now she only has to take some medicines for about two years IN SHAA ALLAH.

Man, it was one of the most heart touching stories I’ve ever come across. I’ve watched people breaking up with each other over petty issues, I have seen men leaving their wives if they develop any physical disability but man marrying a girl with such a deadly disease, not many men can do this. He proved that saying right that men don’t fall in love easily but when they do, no power on earth can shake them with their decision. Salute to this loving husband and this beautiful bond.

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