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India Blamed Pakistan Over Threats To Save ‘Karan Johar’

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In my entire life, I have witnessed many bizarre things and events. I have seen people roaming around with a snake on their shoulders, I have watched Nawaz Sharif talking sane – I have also watched Zardari protesting against ‘corrupt’ people. Thus, my entire life has been spent watching weird stuff around me. But the news I just came across was the weirdest of all times. What I’ve experienced today, baffled me to the core.

India Claimed An Anonymous Pakistani Called Indian Minister and Threatened Him Over Karan Johar Case

After the unfortunate death of Sushant Singh Rajput, the whole Bollywood has been shaken to the core. Sushant’s death, which has claimed to be a cold-blooded murder by his fans, has unveiled many dirty secrets of Bollywood. The links of the Bollywood fraternity with mafias and drug lords have all been exposed. CBI has been called many celebrities so far regarding their links with drug lords and Sushant’s alleged murder. Many Bollywood Giants, including the top director Karan Johar, has been under serious troubles.

Recently a Shiromani Akali Dal leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa filed a complaint against KJo, for using drugs, after the video of a party from 2019 went viral. But soon a video of him left everyone baffled

Manjinder Sirsa takes it to his Twitter and posts a video claiming that he is getting threats from Pakistan to withdraw the case against Karan Johar.

Sirsa claimed that someone named Mohammad Waseem called him and threatened him to withdraw the complaint against Karan Johar – “I got a call from Pakistan in which the caller threatened me to withdraw the case against KJo or I will have to suffer the consequences if I don’t do as they desire” Sirsa claimed.

He also claimed that the caller said “Bhai ne Bola Hai Bollywood Wala Masla Band Karo” – The politician further prodded that who is Bhai – To which the caller replied – “Tum Bhai ko Nahi Jaante? Bhai ko poora desh jaanta hai. Yeh pange lena band kardo warna sabko nibta deingay” (You don’t know Bhai? The entire country knows him. Stop waging the war or we will finish everyone).

Sirsa said that the caller doesn’t only threaten him but his entire family. “The caller also said that Chup Chap Yeh Bollywood Wali Notanki Band Kar. Case Wapis Le Warna Tereko Thokenge” Sirsa claimed. (Stop this Bollywood drama and withdraw the case or we will shoot you)

What Type Of Sasta Nasha You Have Been Taking, Singh Saab?

Like Seriously? Matlab Kuch Bhi ? I think Mr. Singh has been watching a Bollywood Movie last night with a Patiala peg, that’s why couldn’t differentiate between hallucinations and reality.

Just because the number, as per your claims, called you was Pakistani or his name was ‘Mohammad Waseem’ doesn’t prove your stance. As it’s easy to acquire a sim card of any country or ask those ‘agents’ of yours, roaming around to get one for you. By your Bhai claims, it’s clear that you want to imply that famous Mumbai based Gangster Daud Ibrahim is living here, and he is backing Kjo etc. Let me give you some advice, STOP INCLUDING PAKISTAN’S NAME IN YOUR FILTHY GAMES.

Pakistan and Pakistanis have much better things to do than to save a third-class gay director and that too who was alleged in Sushant Singh’s murder. The majority of Pakistanis have raised voice for him and want him to get justice because he was an amazing human being and a great artist. But that’s it – nobody is taking it personally here. No Bhai, Abbu, Taao is interested to get Karan out or save him. If he is guilty he should be behind the bars and that’s all. Kindly stop blaming Pakistan for every diarrhea, vomiting, or bowel pain you are getting in there, we have no concern neither we are interested.

We know very well regarding to your filthy games so next time, if you want to say something come along with proper shreds of evidence or be prepared for the befitting replies, not only from the bhai but from many behans as well, Scumbags.


Maya SH

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