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India On Fire After Rapper Poses as ‘Goddess Durga’ With ‘Shoe’ – No Freedom of Speech?

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If you want to learn Hypocrisy, go to India. In my entire life, I’ve never seen a better example of hypocrisy as I experienced in India. For them, everything related to them and their culture is the best and should be honored and respected, whereas, for other ethnicities and cultures, every attitude is welcoming. All the pietism and religious sanctimony are for their lords and goddess, while for Muslims and followers of other religions, well, they should be more tolerant and allows freedom of speech. Recently, another episode of Indian hypocrisy exposed when Hollywood took their bhashan of Freedom of Expression way too seriously.

Cardi B Under Fire for Posing As Goddess Durga In Her Latest Shoot For Reebok

In the November Issue of Footwear News (FN) magazine, the American rapper Cardi B poses as Goddess Durga to promote her debut sneaker collection with Reebok. The 28 years old diva was seen wearing a red Georges Hobeika gown to promote her sneaker collection. The magazine featured her with ten hands like goddess Durga, in different positions while holding a shoe in her hand.

Footwear news Instagram handle posted the image of Cardi and wrote “If Cardi’s Rockin, it goes buy stock in it. That’s a tip as FN’s November cover star Cardi B makes her first major foray into the shoe industry with the Nov. 13 debut of her Club C Cardi sneaker collection with Reebok.”

Moreover, the post also mentioned that it’s a homage to Goddess Durga “In a Georges Hobeika dress, she pays homage to Durga, the Hindu goddess, whose symbols of protection and inner strength resonate as much in modern times as they have through the centuries. Like Durga, Cardi B is a dominant female voice at a critical time.”

Let’s check the Outrage of Indians Here:

Soon after the image posted online the desi netizens of India were enraged to see Cardi’s corseted gown revealing her cleavage and holding a shoe while posing as Durga. According to the Indian users, Cardi B did not pay homage but disrespected her Holy Goddess  

Oh, so that girl was ONLY promoting her shoe brand while posing as Goddess Durga – Why so much hubbub and cacophony? (In a sarcastic tone). I mean India is the biggest advocate of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, etc. then what happened?

Well, that happens. When Karma hits you hard on the face, there’s no way to escape. Some days back, those were the same fascists who supported for posting blasphemous cartoons, same Religious Extremists that advocate France’s stance on Islamophobia are now calling out Cardi B for ‘insulting’ their religion. Slow claps for this duplicity.

However, what Cardi B did was indeed insulting as I have nothing against Hinduism, and I believe all religions should be respected equally, but for Indian hypocrisy, well it was needed to show them a mirror.  

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Maya SH

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