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India Walks Out Amidst Pak Claiming ‘Junagarh’ and J&K In New Map

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New Delhi – Indian NSA walked out of SCO NSA’s Meeting after being defeated in the objection raised on Pakistan’s new political map

India is hauling over burning coals since Pakistan introduces its new political map, containing various disputed parts including Indian Occupied Kashmir. Apparently, it doesn’t ‘affect’ them, but whenever they are exposed to this truth, their writhe and squirming couldn’t be hidden from the world

Ajit Doval Walks out Of SCO Meeting after The ‘New’ Political Map of Pakistan Displayed Behind Pakistan’s Representative

On Tuesday, in a very important SCO National Security Advisor’s meeting, the Indian National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval walked out after his protest on Pakistan’s new political map overruled by the host.

According to the reports, the virtual meeting which was chaired by Russia, having Shanghai Cooperation Organizations(SCO) members was halted when Indian NSA, Ajit Doval raised objection over the new political map of Pakistan showing Junagarh and J&K as part of its territory. The map was hung behind Pakistan’s representative, Moeed Yousuf in full grace. Doval walked out of the meeting after his baseless objection got overruled by the host and other SCO members.  

Indian Ministry of External Affairs, fuming in humiliation called this act a ‘violation’ of the meeting norms. “This was the blatant disregard to the advisory by the host against it and in violations of the norms of the meeting,” said Anurag Shrivastava, MEA spokesperson

Oh well, what ‘norms’ demands a sovereign country to not ‘show’ their political map? Certainly, it doesn’t come under the violation of the meeting laws otherwise the host wouldn’t have overruled the objection raised by Mr. Doval – But well, getting humiliated on an international forum justifies the burn and anger of the Indian Government.

The MEA Spokesperson also said that the ‘fictitious’ map was deliberately projected by Pakistan to present a misleading view of the meeting. This should be taken into account that this meeting was important in regards to the Kashmir Issue.  

After Doval walked out, the meeting was carried out with the ‘New Map of Pakistan’ which was constantly featured behind Pakistan’s NSA, Moeed Yousuf.

New Political and Official Map of Pakistan

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan unveiled its new political map in August, identifying the region of Jammu and Kashmir, and Junagarh in Gujrat as its territories. Khan announced that this political map has been approved by the cabinet and now will be used as ‘official map’ in the curriculum of schools and colleges – This was certainly a burn-moment for India because Junagadh, like Kashmir, is also a beating pulse of India. There was a time in the history when Junagadh was acceded to Pakistan by Nawab Of Junagarh Muhammad Jahangir Khanji.

Netizens are calling it ‘Humiliating Situation’ For India

Today’s humiliation and insult was one classic in the Indian History and no one but India, itself made it possible by its unprofessional behavior. It even shows the India’s sensitivity towards the official map which it once called ‘useless and ineffective’ – Well no matter how much twist and turns India makes in anger, the new political map of Pakistan is an undeniable fact, and if ALLAH wills, Pakistan will soon turn it into reality.

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