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Indian-Dalaal Tarek Fatah All Praise For ‘Maryam Nawaz’

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The name of Tarek Fatah does not need any introduction. He is one of the most shunned and abhorred journalists and authors in Pakistan. Due to his hate speeches nd propaganda against Islam and Pakistan, he considers as the biggest traitor, pimp, and lickspittle of India.

You will always find this man talking shit about Pakistan and its institutions. But today I find out that Fatah is also a pretty kind-hearted man. Why? Because not only he talks shit but also praise those who, following his footsteps, bark against Pakistan to make Indian Masters happy.

Tarek Praise Maryam Nawaz – Called Her Joan of Ark

Finally, the Sharif Family’s hard work of ages has been paid off. Their mentor and inspiration, Tarek Fatah has acknowledged their efforts and wrote an entire article on Maryam Nawaz named ‘Pakistan Joan of Arc Frightens Its Generals”.

In his article, he called Pakistan a Nuclear-armed state, sponsoring terrorist and led by jihadi Generals

He expressed his joy over the news that how for the first time, the people of Punjab revolt against their own armed forces and filled Lahore’s street with anti-army slogans and curses.

Fatah gave all the credit to Maryam Nawaz, calling her Joan of Arc. He praised her saying that she is a ‘Key player’ who is leading the ordinary folks whose toil is stolen by the military.

Her name is Maryam Nawaz and she is Pakistan’s Joan of Arc. The dignified daughter of the exiled former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has created a grand coalition of formidable yet dispirited political giants ranging from the Left to the Religious, the Baloch nationalists, and Sindhi activists to the Pashtuns of the north and her own Punjabi backyard” wrote Fatah. 

He also called her a hope in the troubled land of terror where hate is fueled by the military’s secret internal service, the ISI. 

Fatah, in his flow, expressed how helpful Maryam Nawaz is for making peace with India and ‘Liberate’ the land.

Maryam Nawaz may die at the stake like Joan of Arc, but her sacrifice will bring peace with India, liberate the beautiful land that attracted the likes of Alexander and gave birth to Guru Nanak of the Sikhs” – wrote Fatah

The biggest lickspittle of India and the worst enemy of Pakistan is praising Maryam Nawaz – and yet you want me to believe that Sharifs are not working on the Indian agenda? Fine, let me show you something else.

Nawaz Violate Its Oath And Exposed National Secrets

Yesterday, violating his oath which he took while taking hold of vizierate, Ex. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has started exposing national secrets on Media.

Talking to the media in London, the PML-N supreme leader claimed that Pakistan has built its missiles by ‘copying’ American missiles through reverse engineering.

“The United States had fired missiles at Afghanistan during the war which landed in Balochistan we made our missiles copying US missiles,” said Sharif.

Nawaz also claimed that he was the one who gave cruise missiles to the nation. Commenting on his speech, PTI leader Shahbaz Gill said that Nawaz Sharif is a damaging country by revealing its secrets and should be trialed for this ‘high treason’.

So, here’s The Honorable Sharif Family for you – Which is not Shareef by any mean. A man who betrayed his land, exposes its secrets just to earn help and praise from India and other anti-Pak countries, his daughter barks against the respected armed forces, and get the title of ‘Joan of Arc’. Any more reasons needed to call this family Traitor and Dalaal Of India?

Maybe this would open the eyes of ignorant Patwaris roaming around, only if the plate of Biryani and few bucks stuck in their pockets are not more than their loyalty towards land.


Maya SH

Blogging with passion

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