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Indian Major ‘Busted’ Posting ‘Fake’ Letter By Pak-Army

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The brawl between India and Pakistan is pretty old and long in the tooth, and in this decade’s old fight, there was not a single time when I’ve experienced India playing fair. They just can’t, it’s in their history. Either it’s about carrying out a false flag operation, or associating baseless information with the politicians or armed personnel, the incompetent Government of India always believes in playing amateurish, ugly tactics to defeat its enemy by crook, but ends up becoming a standing joke for the entire world.

Recently, another episode of Indian baseless rumors have been out where India caught its pants down, trying to spoil the image of the Armed forces of Pakistan

Indian Major Posted a ‘Fake’ Letter by COAS Pakistan

Retd. Major Gaurav Arya deem as one of the top in-bred of RSS and BJP, and an ‘Online’ soldier of India, who fights all the ugly spats sitting behind his khaki keyboard. A mere pawn of the Indian Government and media who place him according to their will in the game but unfortunately, in wrong moves every time.

In another failed attempt to destroy the Image of the Pakistani armed forces, Major Arya caught lying and manipulating through social media account, merely to interfere in Pakistani politics and to show support for the last of its dupes in Pakistan.  

Major Arya shared a document on its social media account, claiming it to be a secret letter from COAS, Pakistan to Corps Commander, Asim Munir Shah.

In the letter, the COAS saw requesting to ‘My Dear Asim’ to control the law and order situation in the upcoming PDM meeting, which is taking place in Gujranwala. The COAS expressed its concern regarding the PTI worker’s interference in the gathering which may lead to an adverse security situation. He allegedly asked the Commander Corps, to make sure the security of PML N leaders who are planning a stage demonstration. Cool, isn’t it? Isn’t it seems like a thorough professional Top Secret Letter by COAS? I wonder why COAS didn’t mention ‘forever yours’ at the end of this loving, fondling letter to make it look more ‘official’.. just a thought.

Rubbish. I know that we are dealing with the enemy having no morals, dignity, or self-respect, but it is just revealed to me that they are lacking in brains and wit as well. I mean seriously, can someone be this much stupid? Making blunders this big is more like committing suicide.

Netizens Trolled Major Arya Over This Witless Stunt

Soon after this tweet went viral, a mass of netizens flocked to Major Arya’s post and trolled him for being stupid beyond one’s comprehension.

Reasons Behind These Ugly Conspiracies

Since the political arena is hot nowadays, and no one but the military has been targeted through tricks and lies. When they observe that all their attempts to slander the Army failed so they came up with this idea of fake letters and blames to destroy the image of Armed forces.This letter is an open proof that most of the Indian success stories are nothing but a well-orchestrated drama, based on a low-quality script.

Earlier in times, it was the same account that initiated the attack on Asim Saleem Bajwa. After not getting much attraction, it relaunched Ahmed Noorani via an article shared by Fact Focus, a website that was created apparently for this specific purpose. Soon, the Government found a PML N member in leaking the private information regarding the Ex-Army Personnel. Can you now see the connection?

At this moment, this tweet was a well-coordinated attack on Army and Pakistan. It was done to serve a specific purpose to hype up the protest and create a fake impression of a divide between the Army and the Government.

Connect the dots if you may. First, their leadership was targeted and dishonored. Then came the political unrest, the targeted killing of Ulema, then came the activation of sleeper cell and now targeting army personnel. Just when the Nawaz League is all determined and trying to derail the government? Co-incidence?

The characters behind all these incidents are the same. Gen Bajwa warned the nation that a highly coordinated attack is going on against the state of Pakistan. All they want is to low-spirit the army and this can be done only by bringing someone like Sheikh Hasina in Pakistan, and who can serve it better than India’s pawn in opposition. If you can guess.

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