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Indian Media Dirty Rumors About ‘Civil War’ In Sindh|Got Trolled By Netizens

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Do you know that one overweening, shameless country, which can stoop down to any level to spoil the name of Pakistan? Bingo, yes that is India. Smothering under their stinking muck of hatred and superiority complex, the fascist Indian Government have the potential to go beyond the levels of stupidity and idiocy, which could even shame the approach of certified lunatics as well  

Indian Media Spreading Fake News Regarding Civil War in Sindh

In the past few days, we all are experiencing some major changes and conditions of unease and disquietude around the region of Sindh, which was occurred after the nugatory PDM assemblage. Like their all unions, this meeting did not do any favor to the country or citizens in any means, apart from creating ruckus and hullaballoo. We all saw what happened at Mazaar e Quaid.

The very next morning, the Sindh police department arrested Capt. Safdar from his hotel room. The Sindh Government refusing to own the act of SP, put the entire blame on Pak Rangers and Army, calling it a forced apprehend.

Soon, taking advantage of it, Indian media stoop down to their cheap tactics and start propagating their filthy agendas against Pakistan and in no time, social media was bustling with fake news regarding the Civil war in Karachi, Sindh.

Can they be more stupid – like can they ?

Indian Media wide spreads the rumors that Sindh Police and Army are at war, and Sindhis have come out revolting against military and armed forces. They even shared fake images and videos to back their statement over this. The purpose behind this cheap stunt was to display a condition of turmoil in Sindh and distrust of citizens on its army.

Unfortunately, the fake news spreads pervasively and reached to CNN as well, which does not only endorsed the ugly stance of India but also spreads it universally. Right now, #CivilWarInPakistan is coming amongst the top trend on social media.

Pakistani Twittersphere Schooled Indian Media over Fake News

No matter how lazy, slothful, or least bothered we may seem, but when it comes to Pakistan, we Pakistani have the potential to fought back valiantly and make the enemy comes down to their knees. Amidst the trend of the Civil war in Pakistan, the Twittersphere of Pakistan comes to open blows against Indians and Indian Media.

Time For Some Fact Check!

However, after all the tweets by Karachiites it is useless to say this but still just to endorse – the law and order situation in Karachi and Sindh is completely ALRIGHT and there is nothing to panic about. Those 10 officers which you claimed to be killed in attack are on leave. Can check their leave applications on net if you want.

Yet, If you observe closely, you will see the pattern behind this conspiracy as starting from PDM assemblage, a series of events followed in recent times. 1st the arrest of Capt. Safdar by Sindh Police which later, got dissented by the Sindh Government. Then the entire police department of Sindh took leave of more than 60 days, allegedly as a protest against the Armed forces for making them arrest Safdar forcefully (as propagated by the PPP earlier). Then 2 blasts took place in the city of Karachi, which wasn’t really major but still raised a question regarding the law and situation in the city..

Surprisingly, Soon after this, Indian media takes entry in the arena and started mushrooming this idea that Sindh is revolting against the Pak Army, and civil war is taking place. It is being said that war is raging on the streets and turmoil sets in within the region of Sindh. And no, in politics there’s no such thing as Co-incidence and here too everything is linked and carefully orchestrated. As I expressed my concerns regarding Dawar in Karachi, I was perturbed that they want something similar in Sindh like Balochistan, and it’s all making sense now.  

India has earlier expressed its filthy agendas about breaking Sindh, Balochistan, and KPK from Pakistan and merge them into their territory, and looking on to recent events it seems like they are carefully carrying out their sordid schemes. After Free Balochistan, they are now talking about Sindhu Desh, remember who talked about Sindhu desh in the first place? Yes, it was Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. By the way, FATF meeting is near too as well, right?

Still, you want proofs that PDM is working on the Indian agenda? Still, you need assertion that India is not backing this Corruption Bachao Tola?  Why the entire lobby is standing against one man and all the institutions? The answer is lucidly clear, but still, if you are not able to see this, then Sindh will face the same fortune as Balochistan, God forbid.


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