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Indian Officer ‘Honey-Trapped’ By ISI

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Indian Media propagates and present their soldiers as the best in the world – They believe that their jawans are an avatar of Hanuman and are capable of handling every country only with their long ‘tails’- In fact, if you observe they are so proud of them than any other movie in Bollywood revolves around the bravery, loyalty, and devotion of Indian soldiers for their motherland. But somethings only exists in movies, and not in real life.

Indian Defense Employee Arrested For Leaking Intel to Pakistan Military

 Indian defense employee, Mahesh Kumar has been recently arrested by Haryana Police on Wednesday from Rewari. According to the reports, the suspect was accused of giving out classified information to a Pakistani Military Intelligence (MI) unit after getting lured by a young woman on Facebook to share information in exchange for money.

As per the information, the defense employee Kumar had been in touch with the Pakistani MI Unit operatives for two and a half years and has received money from the operatives many times.  

Pakistani Intelligence and Op ‘Madamji’

As suggested by the sources, Lucknow Military Intelligence received an input that a mobile number used by employee Mahesh Kumar was passing classified Intel to a woman operative working for the Pakistan Military – Kumar addressed the operative as ‘Madamji’ – After that the MI Lucknow launched the Operation ‘Madam Ji’ to get the bottom of the information leaks.

During interrogation, Kumar confessed of having contacts with PIOs – He admits that he sent out a friend request to a Facebook account by the name ‘Harleen Gill’ in 2018. Soon they became friends and continued to chat and exchange messages but latterly that account was deactivated after several months. Soon another account sends Kumar a friend request and this time the name was ‘Harman Kaur’ and talks between the two resumed on Messenger and WhatsApp.

Kumar ‘Sell’ Classified Information to Pakistan Intelligence

According to the initial reports, Kumar confessed of sharing classified information with PIOs. He said that he shared multiple Information including ORBAT of a Jaipur based Army Brigade, details related to senior officers in Jaipur, location of PCDA Jaipur, MES complaint record details, Covid19 state of the Jaipur cantonment, and posting order of civilian MES employees. According to Kumar, he hands out another sensitive information as well regarding movements of the unit in Jaipur and posting details of other MES employes

Kumar also confessed of taking monetary benefits in exchange for the information – he said that he shared his bank information with the PIO and get Rs. 5,000 as a gift from the operative, twice. He also confessed that Madamji promised her that she will get him posted in Delhi to attain greater cooperation.

The police seized his mobile and find confidential information, photos of several letters, and notices including some with security classifications.

This is not the first time when Indian Army Officers Sell Their Loyalty over some bucks

Before Kumar, 50 other Army Jawaan, lured over a lady’s sweet talks and few bucks, sell confidential information to Pakistan. Lance Naik Ravi Verma, Sepoy Vichitra Behera, and Sombir are few names who ditch their ‘motherland’ for lady and money. A PIO Anika Chopra lured them with some money and intimate messages and they were SOLD. its sad to see them selling their loyalty over a meagre amount of 5,000 rs

Now Indian media is blaming Pakistan for honey trapping their ‘soldiers’ – seriously, would you like to run a check on their audacity?

Always remember, you cannot ‘buy’ a loyal soldier – and those who can be bought weren’t soldiers at first place. Those who join armed forces for money are loyal to money and not to the country. They just have a price – you give it and own them.

A real soldier is precious – He cannot be bought over some pieces of paper – you cannot buy his loyalty, not even for a mount of gold because he joined in for a cause, and nothing in this world is more precious to him than that and Being a Pakistani, i’m proud to have such brave and ‘real’ soldiers in our Armed Forces.


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