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Indian Singer Sonu Nigam cried while listening song by a young ‘Pakistani Girl’

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“Something touched me deep inside after so long” Sonu Nigam.

They say “Music has no boundaries” and this ‘Lord of Chords’ proved it right today.

Whenever we talk about some legendary and iconic singers of India, the name of Sonu Nigam slips from our tongues without thinking twice. Sonu Nigam is a big name of the Indian Music Industry. He widely regarded as one of the best singers of all time in Bollywood. He sang hundreds of songs in 12 languages and is considered as a “Lord Of Chords’ in India.

Recently, a video of Nigam has been published on his Twitter handle which won many hearts not only in India but in Pakistan as well.

The video shows Nigam watching a video of a young Pakistani girl Hadiya Hashmi singing her signature soul-rendering song “Bol Hu”, which made the ‘Dil se’ singer overwhelmed. Nigam was looking awestruck and amazed by Hadiya’s wonderful high pitched voice, singing a beautifully composed song.

“After a long time I’ve heard something wonderful and it’s blown my mind,” Sonu Nigam remarked while wiping his tears off.

“This song has sent to me by Javaid Jaffery. Though I heard this song before, today, for the first time I listened to it in a proper way and.. oh my God” Nigam said that I never thought that I would cry so badly while listening to a song, but this happened today.

“May God bless the little girl Hadiya, Soch Band, and Adnan Dhol for creating such a superb piece of music. It’s marvelous” Check the video below.

Hadiya Hashmi Is a young Pakistani singer who got fame in her first appearance in the famous ‘Nescafe Basement’ season 5 in which Hadiya sang a composition “Bol Hu” by Adnan Dhol, along with the popular musical band in Pakistan, Soch. The song went viral last year and made 8-years old Hadiya, an overnight sensation. The song touched millions of hearts not only in Pakistan but in India as well. Hadiya is a school going kid and has participated in many Naat and national songs competition. Kids like Hadiya Hashmi are surely emerging talents of Pakistan and should be supported by the Government of Pakistan.


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