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Mobile phones were invented way before but the advancements regarding it have continued to increase to date. There have been so many upgrades like screen size, camera, designs, speedcore etcetera. Operating systems, highly magnified cameras, sleek designs, security assurance are the main reasons people have difficulty in deciding which mobile phone to choose next.

These progressions in cell phones have caused them to more competitive. And very hard to decide on whether which one will be the best fit.

A youth chooses between designs, a famous company, and mainly the camera. 

IOS and Android are the two most famous operating systems in the Mobile World. Microsoft and BlackBerry are also very well renowned but its use is not very vast. Different people have different preferences for choosing mobile brands and systems. It may be because of their previous experience of the phone they want to buy now or maybe never. Or maybe its to see what they think is easy to use. 

There is an audience in Pakistan for Apple Inc. and it is merely because of its logo and the company itself. This hype is usually on its peak when it comes to the elite class of the Pakistani community.

In this article I think that you will be able to form your opinion about this issue. You will surely pick a side after going through with it.


IOS may have many advantages but it has some consequences as well. iPhones do not really have easy customization but the user interface is something that attracts the Pakistani youth. iPhones have been considered to have almost every application first then any android phone but it can lose out when it is compared to other high-end luxury Android smartphones.

When the system speed is compared, iPhones still have the quad-core version but the new Android mobile phones have been progressed to the octa-core version as well.

People in Pakistan just prefer iPhones maybe because they are long-term users of the Apple company and have many devices of the brand. But generally, androids have been given the credit of being the better platform for virtual reality. 

Many people in Pakistan have this online battle against which operating systems provide the best security cloud. And from the information that I have gathered, I would say that the iPhone has officially won. 

iPhones do have IP67 that gives them the ability to be water and dust resistance, this feature came in the recent iPhone whereas many android smartphones have had this feature for a long time that is IP66.

iPhones surely do have amazing features like the infamous logo, and many other reasons like it are easy to resell, it is very well-recognized by the elite class of the Pakistani community and many more.

Android smartphones have a variety of ranges with different designs, different brands, and even a vast range of prices whereas iPhones are limited to a certain crowd provided by a single brand with the same kind of mobile designs almost. 

Many people have been seen choosing Androids over iPhones because as the majority prefer android, they get this availability of Bluetooth connection and charger input which would quite not be possible for you if you are an iPhone user.  Pakistani community tend to think like that.

Androids are seen to be more user-friendly and cost-efficient plus as per the reviews from various Pakistani users that it has ab easy downloading system of applications as compared to iPhones.

Both of the operating systems are good but things leave up to people’s preferences.


As we have compared above that what should be given the medal of the most chosen operating system, I would like to state that both the operating systems are very well deserved of the praise they get from their users and nothing can beat its uniqueness, both on an individual level. But if we look at the statistics and check the proportion, the majority is willing to stand with Androids as it is more feasible, in reach, and user friendly. So the stakes of winning are for Androids. It wins but not from a big margin.

The reason why iPhones were not able to win this online battle was that usually, the elite class of the Pakistani community prefer Apple as their phones or other devices at their houses. It is because they already have many other devices of Apple and it has become very user-friendly for them. Usually, this class prefers Apple devices as it is very feasible for them to buy and the cost is not a very big issue for them. But if we look at the majority, we can say that it is not very preferable by other people in Pakistan.


Sobia Umair

Housewife and mom blogger

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