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How ‘Dawn News’ Working On India’s ‘Anti-Pakistan’ Agenda?

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Dawn News is of the biggest media giants in Pakistan. It started as the oldest, leading, and most widely read English newspaper and the state’s newspaper of record. Dawn Newspaper owns this accolade of being one of the country’s three largest English-Newspaper and the flagship of Dawn Group of Newspaper. Dawn News was founded by Quaid –e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Delhi on 12th October 1941 as a voice of the Muslim League. It’s now running under the proprietorship of CEO of Dawn Groups, Haroon Hameed, and editor Zafar Abbas. Dawn is published under the banner of Pakistan Herald Publications, which also owns Herald, Spider, and Aurora Magazines.

Dawn News Channel is also a bellwether for Dawn Media Group. Originally started as an English News channel, Dawn news converted into the Urdu-News channel after a successful transmission of 4 hours a day. It is one of the most famous 24-hours news channels in Pakistan. Despite limited resources, Dawn News has managed to beat its rival several times in breaking several exclusive news like conformation of the lone surviving gunman of Mumbai attacks, Ajmal Kasab, as a Pakistani.

 Despite being a famous news channel, Dawn News itself remains a part of the news, mostly for negative reasons. Whether it’s about infamous ‘DawnLeaks’, or the journalist, Cyril Almeida, Dawn news always managed to stay in hot waters for the most controversial grounds. It’s a wide belief now that Dawn News has been involved in spreading Fake news and doing propaganda against Pakistan’s institutions, and security agencies. You will always see this channel twisting original news and promoting Anti-Pakistan agendas.

Dr. Farhan Virk is a name that keeps on buzzing in Pakistan’s Twittersphere. He is one of the most famous political influencers and a leader for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s social media team. In a conversation with a private channel, Dr. Virk said that the Dawn channel believes that they are superior to the state “the tragedy here is that we ask students to read Dawn News if they want to pass their CSS exams. Hence, Dawn news has started to believe that they are superior to the state and control the bureaucracy and elite class of Pakistan. They peddle fake news because they know that people will buy whatever trash they will sell because of them being a brand” Virk said.

The DAWN of Fake and Distorted News:  

Peddling fake news and distorting the stories is the old practice of Dawn News. Dawn has tried to defame the state and Pak Army on many occasions. Last year, Dawn News published a piece of news declaring a suspect of London Bridge attack as Pakistani, whereas it was a British citizen and only spent some time of his life in Pakistan. Minister of Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry slammed the channel via its tweet.

 “Dawn Walas (people), please have some mercy on this Nation. Shocked on your cheap attempt to link a British terrorist to Pakistan. Anwar Al Awlaki and Anjam Ch. (Chaudhry) both are brit origin nothing to do with Kashmir or Pak. Britain should handle its problem within irresponsible n cheap attitude.” Fawad Chaudhry tweet.

Another misleading news by Dawn was about the Prime Minister of the UK, Borris Johnson. British Prime Minister was down with Covid19 and admitted to the hospital when ‘Dawn’ news channel telecast the news of his death.

Once there was a news regarding Army Patrolling. Dawn News posted a piece of news in which is stated that Pakistan and Iran armed forces jointly conduct patrolling on the border. (Joint patrolling often conduct by countries on the border to build pressure on the common rival country. In this case, the fingers were pointing towards India-China clash). However, DG ISPR denied this news saying it was ‘factually incorrect’.

News published by Dawn today titled “Pak-Iran forces jointly conduct border patrolling” is factually incorrect. There is no joint patrolling anywhere on Pakistani Borders. Patrolling/operations if required are always on respective sides by respective forces through coordination”. DG ISPR tweeted.

Just recently Dawn news made another “technical mistake” by distorting FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s statement on the occasion of the unveiling of Pakistan’s new Political map. Foreign Minister Qureshi said that one day Kashmir will be a part of Pakistan. When this news reached to Dawn, the viewers read something like this. “Kashmir can NEVER become a part of Pakistan – FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi” However, this statement was published in Urdu, and it wasn’t a mistake of one misspelled or mistaken word. The entire remark was changed to fit the sinful approach of Dawn News.

Dawn News – A Pawn of Indian Media:

If you are a frequent reader or viewer of Dawn News, you will observe how discreetly Dawn News favors India and its wicked plans against Pakistan. Either it’s about showing Kashmir as a part of India on Map, or calling Indian terrorists as suspects, Dawn News has never failed to please its Masters.

2 years back, Dawn News claimed that in 1965 Indo-Pak war, Pakistan faced defeat by India. Where the truth is that it was a matter of ceasefire from both ends and many international newspapers declared victory of Pakistan. This is the thing which even Ex Indian Officers admit, but the pro-India ‘Pawn’ News can never see their masters lose to the state of Pakistan.

At one point, Dawn News called the Kashmiri fighters as “Rebels and Militants” who got killed in fighting with Indian Troops.

On 4th August 2020, during commercial advertising on Dawn News, the Indian Flag flashed on the screen with the message of Happy Independence Day. The whole thing stayed on the screen for 15 seconds before vanishing. Dawn news referred to this as another “technical issue” and said that they are looking into the matter. In Twittersphere of Pakistan is convinced that the Dawn News did deliberately on a day before the completion of India’s abrogation of article 370 and imposing of brutal lockdown in Occupied Kashmir. 

Here is another example of the hatred of Dawn News against the PM IK. In a poll published on Twitter, Dawn News raised a question that Faisal Edhi who came out COVID19 positive met PM Imran Khan a day ago. Do you think the PM should also get tested? On which an Indian user commented “I guess not. It’s the best way to get rid of him”. This tweet was “LIKED” by Dawn News, which was, I guess also a “technical issue”.

 Seems like making massive blunders and then hiding behind the term “technical issues” is not going to help Dawn News anymore. This is the year 2020 and people are not blind neither stupid to not see your “Yes Boss” attitude towards India. The Government of PTI should take strict actions against Modi-Fed news channels and take out these traitors amongst us.


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