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DISCLAIMER; The following article below contains spoilers related to the recent chapter#47 of the Manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Ever since Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has released it’s Manga chapter#47, there has been a lot of discussions about Kashin Koji being the clone of the legendary Sannin Jiraiya. Many people have started to think that it’s killing the legacy, whereas many have been defending the character. Of all these people, I see both sides of this character, and here’s my review on it.

Ever since Masashi Kishimoto has started the Boruto series there have been multiple events where the concept of cloning has been introduced whether it is the Shin Uchiha clones or Mitsuki. Thenceforward, Mitsuki is created by Orochimaru there have been multiple occasions where he allowed Mitsuki to develop his own character by finding his own paths, his own ninja way and by seeing him it can be said that he has his own way of thinking and acting over it thus he is not a 100% copy of Orochimaru.

Similarly, Koji, being a clone of Jiraiya is not a replica of the legendary Sannin. Although some aspects of Jiraiya, such as the desire to protect the village, the same chakra nature, and even the techniques that he used are alike. What’s different, are the two characters. Unlike Koji, who was willing to kill all of the team 7 in cold blood before he saw the karma on the hands of Boruto, Jiraiya would have never done that. Even to an enemy, Jiraiya would have rather immobilized the person rather than killing him.

Essentially, What the Boruto Franchise is doing is the same thing that Kishimoto did at the time when Naruto manga sales had started to drop. At that time, animes like “One piece” and “Demon slayer” had a spike in manga sales. Millions of copies were sold overnight and Naruto manga had started declining in sales.

That was the moment to back fans up and hence Kabuto was utilized in the anime to use Edo-Tensei bringing back the characters that were loved by the fans such as Nagato, Itachi, most members of the Akatsuki and etc. The Boruto franchise is using the same tactics by making the character of Jigen look greater using the popularity of Jiraiya. Even though Koji is not Jiraiya but there’s also not much difference, the bodies are the same for both the characters just the minds are unlike. So, for me, it does not ruin Jiraiya’s legacy.

Share this review with your friends and family and comment down below to tell what do you think. Is Koji an insult to the character of Jiraiya or not?


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