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Is Pakistan leadership really surrendering Kashmir?

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For 70 good years, Pakistanis have fought, bled and sacrificed to liberate Kashmir, a cause that is extremely sacred to Pakistan as its founding father, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah called the region as a jugular vain of the nation.

Today, I am very disappointed to find certain reports, which I pray should be the same baseless allegations, however, since certain senior journalists were the ones peddling this unconfirmed information not a single representative from the government and military has come out to deny it.

The allegations are based on some recent meeting between the Army Chief and certain journalists in which according to the media persons, Chief stated that Pakistan needs to move on with India and that the issue of Kashmir should be settled as per the ‘status quo’ which means Pakistani should be okay with the territories of Kashmir under Indian occupation just as how India should be okay with remaining parts of Kashmir under Pakistan.

Here is one of the very senior journalists in Pakistan talking about General Bajwa’s Kashmir vision.

Quiet a few more journalists who have a history of criticizing the country and our military are cheering and confirming this news.

Now whatever the truth is, the least Military leadership could do is to at-least come out with an official statement as they are being accused of this extremely dangerous plan.

Lastly, if its really true that we are heading towards the direction in which the Serpent ‘India’ is asking us to follow then we are clearly on a road of self-destruction. Not only we are undermining the sacrifices of our soldiers and our Kashmiri people, we are also setting up a new precedent in the region in which a powerful enemy could do anything under its capacity to dictate and while all we can do is watch for an opportunity to beg for peace.

We cannot trust the serpent, we cannot trust India at all, given its history of betrayal. Our memories should not limited to present time, remember the time India funded bull-shit of Aman ki Asha was launched in Pakistan? all the while India was planning to disintegrate the country through Kulbhushan Yadev who was deployed against Pakistan in the same time.

Our Gullible leaders, both military and civilian should reflect back to their failure and for the love of God, stop begging for peace, India is not interested in peace no matter how hard you try to appease them, for them, you are only an extension of Akhand Bharat.

Just recently terrorists in Balochistan attacked our civilians and soldiers, just few days back number of militants attacked FC check posts at Afghan-Pak border, who do you think is behind all this? Do you think any Indian attempt to call for negotiation may leave any opportunity of peace in Kashmir?

Our people in Kashmir, who when die wrapped under the flag of Pakistan, will continue to live under the brutal Indian oppression, these peace initiatives by India are mainly to avoid the two-front conflict situation at the moment when China is on its throat from the other sid and so what India wants is to regain the time and space to fully focus at one front and guess what is happening, we, Pakistanis are helping them.

I really better sense to prevail.


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