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Israel Preparing For Direct Flights to UAE over “Saudi Arabia”

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Jerusalem: President Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Monday that Israel is preparing to launch direct flights to the United Arab Emirates, over Saudi Arabia, as a part of its normalization deal.
Talking to the media at Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion airport, the President of the Jewish state, Netanyahu gave briefing reporters about the plan for expanding flight activities curtailed by the COVID 19 pandemic.
“We are currently working on enabling direct flights over Saudi Arabia, between Tel Aviv to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Estimating flight time at about three-hours, just like to Rome” said Netanyahu while talking to the media.
On Thursday, UAE and Israel sign a US-sponsored deal to normalize diplomatic relations between two old foes after 70 years. Two more Gulf States, Bahrain, and Oman are also standing in the queue, waiting for a signal to shake hands with the Jewish State. The president also said that he is seeing tremendous scope for bilateral tourism and gigantic scope for investment with UAE.
Saudia Arab, however, does not OPENLY recognize Israel till yet. Its airspace was closed for Israeli airlines but back in 2018, the Indian airline Air India was allowed to begin flight operations from New-Delhi to Tel Aviv using Saudi air space, which has been seen as a harbinger of warm relations with Riyadh in Israel.
An Israeli Delegation is all set to travel to Emirates within weeks to work out the modalities of normalized relations, but any swift opening of a commercial air route could be complicated by Coronavirus restriction.
Last Sunday, the telephone lines has been opened to Israel from UAE, as an inauguration of the links between the two countries’ Foreign Ministers.
The normalization of the UAE-Israel relations is like a dream come true for Emirates. The hush-hush relations that were growing quietly under the ice of silence, has got the chance to culminate brazenly.


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