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DISCLAIMER: The article below contains spoilers from the recent Boruto Naruto Next generation’s chapeter#47.

In the recent chapter#47 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations one of the biggest mysteries related to Jiraiya’s relation to Kashin koji has finally been revealed which puts Naruto fans in a dumbstruck. Seriously I am one of them!

Jiraiya, who was a former student of the third Hokage proved himself strong and worthy enough to be known as the legendary Sannin along with lady Tsunade and Orochimaru. He was an ambitious ninja who guarded the leaf village against the shadows, He was a father like a teacher to the current and the 7th Hokage Uzumaki Naruto and even helped him to find his ninja way. He later died in his battle against Pain which not only saddened Naruto but all the fans throughout the globe. Kashin koji’s similarities to Jiraiya left fans amazed who then questioned is he really alive?! Well, the latest chapter of Boruto answers the question.

Kashin Koji was introduced in the series as a member of the evil organization led by Otsutsuki Isshiki known as Kara. He later began to show great similarities with Jiraiya such as when he entered the leaf village no alarms for intruders were set off from his chakra meant that he did have a connection to the village but soon after he started to show the tricks Jiraiya used frequently such as the toad summoning fans started to speculate that he was Jiraya’s son, His relative or even the legendary Sannin himself!. Currently, Koji and Amado, who is taking refuge in the leaf have betrayed their leader Otsutsuki Isshiki and have gone against Kara. Koji on the other hand is battling Otsutsuki Isshiki and trying his best to kill him since he has been weakened after his fight with Naruto and Sasuke so that he may not be reborn in the body of Kawaki.

Truth is, during his fight with Koji the Otsutsuki Isshiki himself stated “ Kashin Koji, Clone of the great Jiraiya three”. It means that koji is not Jiraiya but in fact, he’s a clone of Jiraiya who is created by Amado. Just like Mitsuki who is a clone of Orochimaru, Koji is also a clone of Jiraiya who shares similar abilities as the legendary Sannin also a similar chakra nature.

After hearing the news about Koji being a clone Naruto fans have responded in all sorts of ways some were saddened to see that the hero they wanted to be back in the series is not actually there whereas some find it absolutely interesting Do you think that Koji would be successful in his mission to finish off Kara’s frontman Otsutsuki Isshiki or will the fans all around the globe would face sadness once again through the death of Jiraiya’s clone Koji, let us know what do you think about the situation in the comments down below.


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