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Jirga Punished – Orders to ‘Kill’ the Couple over Love Marriage

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The Jirga system of Pakistan is nothing less than a curse for society, and the worst part is that people actually follows it. Imagine a bunch of illiterate, ignorant people who have been selected to blindly decide your life, and you need to obey them. Every year, hundreds of people become the victim of this mindless system; sometime in the name of honor or in the name of dignity. A similar case reported from Khairpur, Sindh province, which is enough evidence to prove the insanity of the Jirga systems.

Jirga Orders to Kill Two Sisters Along With Their Husbands Who Committed Love Marriage

Recently, a case reported from the Khairpur city which does not only shame thea humanity but also raised questions on the law and order situation of Pakistan

This News was reported from the Naal district of Khairpur region, where a Jirga (tribal council) held for the two young sisters who, according to the council commit a ‘crime’ of marrying a person of their choice.

The brutal Jirga declared both the couple guilty and give orders to execute them publically. Moreover, the council also fined the husbands with 4 million PKR each, otherwise, the bodies will not be given to the mourners of the victims.

Talking to a private news channel, Mumtaz Bibi alleged that the case was lodged by the neighbors and feudal lords of the district. “After the verdict, the feudal lords have occupied our properties and homes and sentenced us to death for marrying the partners of our choice” – said the victim. 

“Is loving someone a sin in Islam?” Mumtaz Bibi asked.

Both the girls requested and plead the DIG Sukkur and SSP Khairpur to take notice of the decision of the council and protect them and their husbands from this brutality.

Both the males were also mortified over the issue. They asked the government to save their spouses from this brutality and help them escape this place.

Can you imagine the pain and fear of those couples who just got married 5 months ago and they would have to see their loved ones die in front of them?

Love Marriages – A Crime in Today’s Pakistan

I’ve heard somewhere that “To love, is to die” and here in Pakistan, we are making it true. Every other day, we hear women and men getting killed in the name of Honor because a huge part of this society believes that marrying someone of choice is a sin and bring dishonor to the family. Last month, a 9- year old boy killed her aunt over love marriage after being trained for a year for this heinous crime. Another incident happened a few days back, where a young couple committed suicide by jumping in the well, because their families refused their relation.

I have a question, how a Muslim society can snatch the rights from the people which were given by Islam for its believers? Our beloved Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) said “There’s nothing better than for two who love one another than marriage. (Tirmidhi)

Those poor couples weren’t involved in any immoral acts. They just did what was lawful for them morally and religiously and yet are getting punished.

We hope that the Sindh authorities look into this matter asap and protect both the couples from the brutality.


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