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‘John Cena’ Graduates From The Islamic University Of Peshawar – Wait, WHAT?

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Pakistan is the land of wonders –No it is… trust me. Here I’ve experienced things that defy science and logic oftentimes. I’ve seen Spiderman driving the Donkey cart here, I’ve watched Darth Vader getting married to a young Pakistani girl, and I’ve also experienced two young lads screeching ‘Batmobile’ in the streets of Karachi.

Hence, looking at the things, i started believing that everything is possible here in Pakistan. But recently I’ve come across something which literally gave me a heart attack in my eyes.

An American Heavyweight Champion and a Professional Wrestler ‘John Cena’ have his name written in the graduates passed out from the Islamia College, Peshawar.  

Yes, you read it right. The two times world heavy weight champion and holding a sum of massive 17 championships under his name, John Cena is the face of WWE globally. Despite being a professional wrestler, he also a famous rapper, an actor, and a television presenter.

The big guy also spent time at the renowned Marine Corps SWAT team before joining the performance center. But we never knew that apart from these things, he also visited Pakistan and lived the life of a student at Islamia College, Peshawar.

Recently, a merit list of Islamia College Peshawar for BS Computer Science has been issued, in which the name of John Cena was shining amongst all the apparently dull students.

Not only this but according to the list he is also a son of another famous heavyweight wrestler, Undertaker. Oh, isn’t that amazing? But seems like Johnny Boy and Daddy-Taker aren’t at good terms with each other that’s why he chose to keep silent about their relationship.

The Smart Prankster:

Anyways, jokes apart. This prank happened in one of the leading colleges of Peshawar, Islamia College. The administration however denied this rumor (obviously) claiming that someone ran a prank on them. After going further into the investigation, the administration of the college confirmed that the prankster applied online through a fake bank code, roll numbers, and marks. They said that such incidents happen in online admissions.

After the picture went viral, the administration of Islamia College took notice of the incident and removed John’s name immediately from the list. We don’t know who the prankster was, but the way he carried out the entire prank without getting caught was smart and pretty funny.


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