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‘Justice For Zain’ – 12-Year Old Boy Got Raped and Shot in Rectum

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Pakistan is turning into the jungle – yes you heard me right. It’s turning into a jungle where humans are becoming worse than the wild boars and beasts. Worse, because the wild animals only attack to satiate their hunger but the humans are doing it for pleasure – for fun. This incident about which I’m going to write is one of those events when you feel ashamed of being a human.

A 12-year old boy named Zain Qureshi got shot after getting raped in the busy market of Multan

According to the details, three men took Zain to the market and tried to rape him. The one culprit succeed in assaulting him, while the other tried, but this time boy resisted to get off from their clutches. It is when a bestial man shot the 12-years old in the rectum and flew away. The boy later shifted to Nishtar Hospital, Multan.

The local police arrested two suspects while conducting raids in the different areas of the city. Later, the cases were registered against then on the complaint from the victim’s family.

This news hit social media like a tsunami. People had their blood curdled after hearing about such a heart-wrenching incident. The Twittersphere of Pakistan condemned the incident to the fullest and ask the higher authorities to serve them with no lesser than the death penalty.

Nothing is changing in this country except trends. Yesterday it was #JusticeforZainab and now its #JusticeforZain. The ‘Naya Pakistan’ of Imran Khan has all the old elements and all the same policies of Nawaz Sharif regarding the rape victims. Still, no public persecution will be held, HR Champions will march on the front against the Public hanging of the culprits – and kids like Zain and Zainab and many others will be kept waiting for the justice – either on earth or below the earth.  


Maya SH

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