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Karachi Police lauded internationally for turning metropolis into city of lights again

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Karachi Police’s efforts to make the metropolis a city of lights once again has started to bear fruit as the law enforcement agency’s efforts against criminal elements led to the city getting ranked 106 on the International Crime Index in 2021.

The city’s police while issuing its annual performance report said that multiple policemen laid their lives to turn Karachi into the city of lights once again.

Karachi Police chief Additional IGP Imran Yaqoob Minhas. Photo: Sindh Police

According to the data, 13 cops were martyred and 56 were injured while trying to protect citizens during robberies.

On the other hand, 46 suspects and criminals were killed in the exchange of fire between the law enforcement agency and criminals in various areas of the city. While 988 suspects were arrested and 6,088 illegal arms and ammunition were recovered from them.

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Action against drug dealers

The data also showed that 10,780 drug dealers were arrested and 69 inter-provincial drug dealers were also nabbed by the law enforcement agency.

The police said that it recovered at least 71,000kg of hash, 90kg of heroin, 110kg of crystal/meth and 46kg of opium from the suspects.

Campaign against Gutka sellers

In 2021, the law enforcement agency arrested 4,828 gutka dealers from the city and recovered 19,775 gutkas, 75,545 packets, 44,480 sachets and 9579kg of beetle nut.

Convictions in 2021

In 2021, the city’s police helped in ensuring that 1,731 accused involved in different crimes get convicted from the courts. The courts had handed 12 convicts the death sentence, 12 were given life terms and 10 were given 14-years prison terms.

ACLU’s performance

The Anti-Vehicle Lifting Cell (AVLC) Karachi arrested 195 gangs involved in the stealing of cars and motorcycles in the city. From 4,271 suspects the police recovered 277 cars and 3,563 motorcycles, data showed.

SIU’s performance

The data showed that the Special Investigation Unit of Karachi Police arrested 740 suspects involved in bank robberies.

AVCC’s performance

The Anti-Violent Crime Cell (AVCC) Karachi arrested 200 suspects out of those 81 were allegedly involved in kidnapping, three kidnappers were killed in an alleged encounter.

On the other hand, 51 people were recovered by the AVCC in 2021.

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Karachi Traffic Police performance

The data showed that more than 3.7 challans were issued by the traffic police against the citizens found violating the traffic laws. The law enforcement agency also introduced women motorcycle squad and cycle traffic wardens as well.


The police helpline Madadgar-15 arrested 701 suspects via its quick response, recovered 153 illegal arms and ammunition. The helpline also played a vital role in the recovery of 188 cars and motorcycles. Apart from this the helpline also handed over the recovered six rickshaws, mobile phones and other important items to the concerned police stations.

Karachi Police’s assistance to citizens during special events

The efforts of the Karachi Police also played a vital role in the return of international cricket to the metropolis.

The law enforcement agency played a vital role in holding Pakistan Super League 2021, West Indies tour of Pakistan, West Indies Women team’s T20 matches. The law enforcement agency also ensured the right security at various religious events held in the city.

Rescue efforts

The Karachi Police also acted as the first responders in various fires that occurred in the city and during the rain spells along with other rescue services.


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