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Kashmiri Girl in India Got Tortured – Called ‘Terrorist’|Reason Why Kashmiri HATE India

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Once I heard somewhere “I don’t think there is fascism in India, India IS fascism” and I couldn’t agree more. Under the rule of Hitler-Inspired RSS Bhakt, Narendra Modi, the entire nation of India is getting engulfed by the hatred and abhorrence against Muslims. The upsurge in Islamophobic crimes which has been reported in the regime of Modi has never been reported before, and it got increased after 5 August which was no lesser than the 9/11 for Kashmiris. On this day the Indian Government, abrogating Article 370 of the Indian constitution, irrupted in Kashmir and seized their human rights. When Kashmiri protested and revolted against this brutality, they named them ‘Terrorists’. A similar incident occurred in the Capital City of Delhi, where you can easily spot the growing culture of RSS sowed fascism amongst common people.

Girl in India Got Tortured By Landlady for Being Kashmiri

Noor, a young student from Srinagar, reported an incident on Twitter, where the young girl got assaulted and humiliated by a Hindu landlady.

An argument between Noor and her Landlady turns into an ugly spat when the young girl called by ‘terrorist’ just because she happens to be from Kashmir.

Noor Bhat, a young girl from Srinagar, Kashmir alleged her landlady for barging into her flat in her absence and took out her furniture including her belongings and passport.

Shortly after the incident, the young student posted a series of tweets on social media narrating her trauma.  

Noor told the media that she was at her cousin’s place when she got a call from her landlady who alerted her that there has been a robbery in the building and she should come home.

Moments later, she got another call from the landlady and this time she told her “It is not robbery and but we have broken the door of your flat and taken out the furniture and other stuff”

When the shocked Noor reached her place, she finds out that not only her door is broken, but her personal belongings are also missing.   

In the meanwhile, the landlady stepped in with a constable and a man stranger to Noor. “We told her that you are our landlady, we would speak with you only. Send this man first” said Noor. Following this, the landlady allegedly started verbal abuses using ethnic, racial, and political slurs. “You are a terrorist, you spread terrorism. Your father is a terrorist. Mulle Kashmiri” Noor quoted her Landlady’s distasteful comment.

Mulle is a derogatory and abusive term for Muslims.

Not only this, but the landlady also grabbed Noor, pushed her hard on the floor, and gave scratches on her body. “She threatened me that she will burn my face with the cigarette she was smoking and she told me she would throw me from the balcony,” wrote Noor. She further stated that even that man pushed me and too in front of Delhi Police cop, but he did nothing.  

While talking to a private news channel, Noor said that she was deeply hurt by this behavior which was a clear hate crime.

Hate Crime against Muslims and Kashmiris

The hate crimes against minorities are burgeoning day by day, and it’s all happening under the umbrella of Modi Sarkaar. Who can forget the brutal murder of the young boy Tabrez Ansari, who got savagely tortured and beaten just because he refused to chant ‘Jai Shree Ram? Or that Kashmiri Man who got shot killed in front of his little grandchild? And yet they dare to claim Kashmir and Kashmiris. Take them to the UN and watch them becoming the biggest empathizer and advocate of the Human Rights in Kashmir, whereas, in reality, they are the ones who are snatching and depriving them of their basic rights. What happened with this girl is a normal thing that is happening with Kashmiri Muslims everywhere in India. Another girl posted a series of tweets and harassment she faced for being ‘Kashmiri’

There was never a doubt regarding India’s hate towards Muslims, and if by any chance there was – it should be clear now. No wonder why Kashmiris HATE India and Hate the mere thought of being called Indian. According to the Kashmiri Leader, Farooq Abdullah, Kashmiri would even merge with China than with India.

This is why an independent state is a necessity of time for Kashmiris because they are being treated the same way Muslims were being treated before ’47. Then a valorous leader, Muhammad Ali Jinnah rose and snatched the rights of Muslims from India, and right now Kashmiris are in dire need of another Jinnah, who could take them out from this oppression.


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