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Khalil Ur Rehman Slammed ‘Feminazis’ Amid Rape Issues

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When the whole country is mourning and protesting over the sudden hype in Rape issues, opportunist feminists aka Barsaati Mendak have come out of their wells hopping – squeaking their infamous slogan of “Mera Jism Meri Marzi. Not only this, but this shameless lobby of humbugs also took over the streets in the name of ‘protest’ and start selling their manjan again –

Rather than sympathizing with the victims and calling for public hanging for the rapist, they found it more important to condemn all the men of the country and demanding ‘freedom’ from them. As it was the demand of the time, a Pakistani stood up and take the responsibility to show them their real ugly faces in the mirror.

Recently, the famous writer, director, and Liberal-slayer Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar bashed these liberal-feminists for taking over the streets amid rape issues

Talking to a private news channel, Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar slammed the aurat-marchards calling them ‘Bhandon ki Fauj’

It all started when the host showed a clip of some women holding unethical placards and asked KRQ to highlight the connection between the traumatic motorway incident and baseless Aurat-March.

“What Type Of ‘Freedom They Are Demanding From Brothers and Father” – Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar

KRQ said that these women are the new type of ‘Bhaands’ (buffoons) doing their circus amid serious issues. 

Khalil Ur Rehman lambasted glossy feminists asking what type of freedom they are demanding from their brother and father. “What more freedom do they need – Do they want their brothers and father to guard outside the room while they are spending time with their boyfriends,” said Qamar. He questioned that isn’t this called ‘freedom’ to protest on the streets against men, fearlessly?

KRQ, irked regarding the derogatory placards, canvass the host that what constitution allows them to sabotage the country’s dignity in the name of “freedom of speech’? – He asked that who give permission to these sick-stinky bunch of women, to become the ‘paradigmatic’ of the loyal and patriot women of Pakistan?

“A Woman Got Raped, And They Are Talking About “Mera Jism, Meri Marzi” – Qamar

He said that those who are sitting in the parliament are sensitive regarding the respect of parliament, but here the respect and dignity of the entire women community of Pakistan is getting tarnished by some sleazy females, why it’s not bothering anyone?

Talking to the host, Qamar went ahead and bashed them for doing dirty politics amid a serious issue “a poor woman have got raped in the broad daylight. Every man is ashamed of himself for not being able to help her and all you are talking about is ‘mera jism Meri Marzi”

These Women Are Suffering From ‘Mid-Age’ Crisis – Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar 

Khalil Ur Rehman clearly mentioned that these women are either holding dual nationality, are a divorcee, or experienced a break-up recently. He said that such ‘psychopath’ women are those who are suffering from ‘mid-age’ crises and are bound to be a part of such activities. He concluded this by saying “konsa jism, konsi marzi’‘ – Qamar also requested sane and civilized women of Pakistan to understand the propaganda of these latte-liberals and do not fall in their trap.

Liberal-Feminists Agenda Behind This ‘Screenplay’

Some may agree that Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar’s words were harsh and blunt, but they have to admit that whatever he said was true.This was all an unnecessary drama just to draw the attention of the public. Right now, wearing the specs of ‘women’s rights’ on our eyes, we might hold him accountable for censuring women in brazen words, but if you observe, then this is the only language these ‘Feminazis’ understand. They have no shame in playing their shitty games when the whole nation is trying to provide justice to the rape victims.

Why these so-called FEMINISTS aren’t feeling the agony of those female victims? Why they are asking freedom from brother, father, husband but not asking extreme punishments for the rapist? This was all a carefully planned and well-executed stunt by these human rights champions to discreetly bury the public hanging issue under the pile of their dirty laundry. Be aware, ladies, these so-called humanitarians and rape apologist can stoop to any level to get their filthy plans done.


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