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Lahore Motorway Rapist ‘Abid Ali’ Identified

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Lahore – Lahore Police identify the Prime Suspect of the Lahore Motorway Rape Case after getting His DNA Matched

A quantum leap recorded in the motorway gang rape case which was long-awaited – Lahore Police spot the primary suspect after getting his DNA Matched with the victim’s samples – the rapist identified as Abid Ali. As per reports, Abid Ali 27 son of Akbar Ali, is the resident of Fort Abbas, Bahawalnagar, and married. The police found his DNA samples from the victim’s clothes, the smashed car windows, and inside the car as well.

The administration was active since the day this unfortunate incident occurred. Earlier, around 53 DNA examples were collected from nearby villages after the woman on the motorway got Gang-raped in front of her children on Wednesday – The investigation team sent the acquired DNA samples to the Punjab Forensic Agency (PFA) to find suspects involved in this horrendous incident. However, the results of the test were expected in 10 days.

Meanwhile, The Punjab Police decided to check all the 53 DNA samples on the Forensic Database and hit the bull’s eye.

Prime Suspect’s DNA Profile Found In 2013 Criminal Database

Checking DNA samples on the Database revealed that accused Abid Ali was already arrested in a rape case. As per the reports, an FIR was launched against Abid Ali in November 2013.

He was accused of barging inside a poor labor’s house with 4 accomplices and rape his wife and daughter repeatedly for several hours. He got arrested in that case, served his punishment but no matter how long you keep a snake in a cage, it will bite whenever he will get to.

Last night the Punjab Police conducted the raid to arrest him but the culprit already absconded along with his wife.

Jail and imprisonment aren’t the solutions for these rapists and this vile beast proved this right – Even after serving punishment for this heinous crime once, this scumbag didn’t get its hunger for lust satiated. You can teach them neither can ‘help’ them to be a better human because they aren’t a human in the first place – The only thing which can help him now is Castration – which will surely quench his hunger , and hang him publicly to give other poopheads a final lesson.


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