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‘Leftist’ Girl Exposing Anti-Pak ‘Leftism’ in Pakistan

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Leftism/Liberalism is one of the root causes behind every major delinquency in Pakistan. The Pakistan we know till 10th standard, was based on the single theory called ‘Islamic Ideology’, but pushing this ideology behind, soon some more dogmas have taken place like Libertarianism, Conservatism, Leftism, etc. and, unfortunately, all these EXTREMISMS have caused more harm to the land than anything, especially the radical leftists approach. Leftism is often equated with Liberalism in Pakistan, despite the differences in their political ideologies. Here, we refer Pakistani Leftists as a bunch of individuals suffering from an inferiority complex and trying to cope up with their inner flaws by castigating their surroundings due to their imperfections. Being highly inspired and influenced by the foreign countries, you will never find a Leftist talk something RIGHT or progressive about Pakistan. Because of their wannabe approach and aspiration to the ‘English Speaking’ countries, they often pour scorn on Pakistan and Pakistanis. 

You will often find these Lunday ke angraiz whimpering about the ‘backwardness’ of this land and religion. Some of the permanent stances of this class include praising anti-state elements like Tarek Fateh and Malala, bashing clerics and teachings of Islam, castigating armed forces and promote everything against the ideology and morals of Pakistan like LGBT rights, secularism, etc. based on a principle that “if you don’t agree with them, you are wrong”

Some core beliefs of Pakistani leftist community are:

  • Pakistan is a third world country and will remain in regression despite its efforts.
  • Islamophobia is justified
  • There are no human rights in Pakistan
  • The army is behind every injustice in the and should be annihilated
  • Islam is the root cause behind the backwardness of this land and people.
  • Pakistanis should learn from the West
  • India is a far better country than Pakistan
  • Everyone should have the rights to protest

This is more of a Walmart approach where they ‘cherry-pick’ their policies. Where the HUMAN RIGHT TO PROTEST is only applicable to the LGBT community, feminists, and anti-army proponents, but a rally of Dawat e Islami is shunned and often frowned upon. Well, this is not just my personal theory, How about hearing this straight from a horse’s mouth?

‘Mahwash Ajaz’- a whistle-blower of the LEFTIST class:

Mahwash is one of the top bloggers, a cultural critic, and an active part of the Leftist-Liberal community. She was one of the foremost voices for #Metoo in Pakistan who supported Meesha Shafi in her legal battle for sexual harassment against Ali Zafar. However, she later realizes her mistake and made it to twitter to apologize Zafar for being ignorant to trust Ms.Shafi. She is also one of the few individuals who condemned their own ideology rather than defending it blindly. This Badass girl via her twitter handle debunked the Leftist class in Pakistan.

According to Mahwash, the Leftist class of Pakistan is a nutcase. “Trust me I’m more of them. They operate in cliques and don’t think beyond their echo chamber. They are learning about women’s rights from Tumblr and liberalism from Islamophobes” Ajaz wrote in one of her tweets.

She also bashed the famous leftist, Professor Hoodbhoy, for calling a Ph.D. Scholar in Education, Mariam Chughtayi as FASAADI akin to TTP on the national television. Ajaz said that you will find them using such ridonkulous arguments to prove their stance.

She also mentioned how Liberals/Leftists justify ‘Racism’ by calling it a fight for justice and can even forgive a murderer if it suits their narrative. In one of her tweets, Mahwash said that it is scary that hypocrites like these exist in every rung of the power structure of the lefty left. Whether it’s at a rally/march, or in the assembly or on social media – their agendas are painfully skewed.

Mahwash Ajaz’s confessions are only a glimpse inside a Leftist mind. In reality, there is much more horrendous to it. Their hypocrisy and negativity towards the land are beyond comprehension. These are the people who hate the concept of Pakistan and left no chance to spew venom against the government and the armed forces. But when it comes to advocating the real issues like hunger, child labor, wrongfully convicted prisoners, these plaster saints easily avert their eyes away. I personally know some leftist liberals who believe in gender equality as long as it is outside their homes. Advocacy for LGBT rights is valid until someone from their own family doesn’t commit it. These modern-day liberals contain the vintage era’s pietism for their crass and tawdry beliefs. Their allegiance is only for those who show them money and fund their lofty organizations. All praises for this girl Mahwash Ajaz who spoke bluntly about the leftism prevailing in Pakistan and opened many eyes who were in denial regarding their existence here. The leftist community has already caused some major scars to the country and the ideology of being a slave to the US and copying the lifestyle of MASTERS should be banished now.


Maya SH

Blogging with passion

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  1. Agree… whole heartedly as even I used to think and side myself with liberals somewhat…Till the point I found out that Liberals (wannabe) in Pakistan are actually Liberal Fascist and Hoodbhoy among their leaders…


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