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Marvi Sirmad Attacked Hazrat Essa A.S – Netizens Wants Her Arrested

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Famous Liberal Journalist Marvi Sirmad Mocked Hazrat Essa A.S in a derogatory tweet.

The name of Marvi Sirmad is not new to social media or Twittersphere. She is a journalist, a so-called human rights activist, and also serves as a ‘mouthpiece’ to pseudo-liberals. Working solely on Indo-Western agenda, you will always find this lady spewing venom against the land, the armed forces, and the cultural values of Pakistan. She is one of the biggest advocates of LGBT rights, Live-in relationships, Secularism, and everything which directly collides with the morals of the Muslim society.

One of Marvi’s major ploy was the infamous “Aurat March” where she, along with many other liberal activists like her indoctrinate hate against society & religion and hence buried the real cause of Women March behind the absurd and pointless ‘banners’. Being an active proponent of the Liberal-Leftist group and a pimp to Indian Media, she seems pretty determined to harm the youth and the roots of Pakistan.

Despite attacking the cultures and the values of the country, Sirmed, under the veil of ‘liberalism’ and “freedom of speech” often assaulted the religion and religious affairs as well. She is popularly known for taking a stand against Hudood Ordinance 1979, Blasphemy Laws, and Shariah Law. Because of the moral & financial support from the liberal-leftist community and Anti-Pak elements, Marvi never let go of a chance to censure Islamic practices and laws, but there is a limit to everything and this time, Sirmed crossed the line.

Recently Marvi Sirmed made a derogatory comment in which she attacked the honorable messenger of God, Hazrat Essa A.S. She mocked the resurrection of Hazrat Essa A.S amidst her hate speech. She wrote the tweet in Parable-style saying:

“Once a Molvi said that Hazrat Essa hasn’t died but got picked up by GOD. A simpleton follower asked the Molvi – Was Essa a Baloch?

Here she was reffering to the alleged abduction of Baloch citizens, while associating it with the holy event of ressurection of Hazrat Essa A.S. In other words she mocked that ESSA A.S was ‘abducted’ like BALOCHS.

This tweet evoked extreme outrage from the netizens. The whole Twittersphere of Pakistan demanded immediate action against Marvi Sirmed. The netizens asked to arrest the blasphemer under section 295 c of the Constitution of Pakistan and charged her for committing blasphemy, spreading communal hatred, and making jokes on respected religious figures.

People like Marvi Sirmed are nothing but AIDS of this society; a disease that is not only lethal but incurable as well. Her act was not only intolerable for Muslims but also was an insult to the beliefs of Christians around the world. We strongly demand the authorities to look into this matter and arrest Marvi Sirmed for the violation of article 295c and teach all these liberal fanatics a lesson for life.


Maya SH

Blogging with passion

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