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Mawra Hoccane calls Public Harassment as “Lahori Fun”, Ire Twitteratis

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“I think it’s fun of Lahore that boys are catcalling girls and listening loud music in their cars” Mawra Hoccane

Mawra Hoccane is one of the most talented and beautiful artists of Pakistan Entertainment Industry and amongst those few actresses that worked on the other side of the border as well. Her acting in the Indian movie “Sanam Teri Kasam” is the living evidence of her talent. But being talented and being sensible are two different things and Mawra Hoccane proved that very well. Some clips from her old interview are circulating the media and people are shocked, thinking what kind of stupid response was this?

In an old interview with Nida Yasir, which was aired on ARY DIGITAL, Hoccane was asked as if any boy has ever catcalled her during her Eid Shopping in Lahore. To which she replied “I think it’s the fun of Lahore that boys are eve-teasing girls and listening to loud music in their cars. That’s the feel of Lahori Eid so we do not mind, keep looking at us.”

“Would you mind if someone catcalled you now”? Asked the host Nida Yasir

“No, chalega unki bhi eid hai” (No it would be fine, its theirs Eid too)

Unfortunately, Street harassment is a big issue, especially for the ladies residing in Lahore. This was one of the most insensible statements ever received by a female celebrity who recently got her degree of “Barrister at Law”.  Yes, Mawra Hoccane is a barrister on papers, and this statement was so “unlawful” according to the law of Pakistan that calls street harassment a CRIME.

After this video went viral, the social media users are condemning Hoccane for her insensitive remarks and calling her out for Normalizing harassment that is already frequent in public spaces of big cities in Pakistan.

Street Harassment is a cancer that is prevailing in our society since ages. Any responsible citizen should know that normalizing harassment simultaneously normalizes groping, physical abuse and eventually rape and it’s not and can never be FUN.

Maya SH

Maya SH

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