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Meesha Shafi ‘Booked’ For Defaming Ali Zafar

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Last year, the #Metoo movement gained much hype in Pakistan after Meesha Shafi alleged Ali Zafar for sexual harassment. It was the first time in Pakistan where two extremely popular musicians were confronting each other on such serious allegations. This event stirred unstoppable chaos in society. It also gave the damm torti feminism a new life and many women took the advantage of it.

Meesha’s Dirty Tactics to Defame Ali Zafar.

After Meesha Shafi’s allegations, many celebrities also joined her for the cause and ensured their full support to the lady. Whereas being a singer, a husband, and a father, it was a do or die situation for Ali Zafar. He decided to fight his case even if the whole world turns against him.

The Meesha Lobby tried every possible thing to sabotage Actor cum Singer’s reputation. Ali also lodged an FIR against Meesha and many others for defaming him and his family on social media – “A Twitter account @nehasaigol1, which posted 3,000 defamatory tweets against me and my family only in one year, was created 50 days before Meesha’s allegation on Sexual harassment” – Ali told FIA.

He also mentioned Iffat Omar, Ali Gul Pir, Humna Raza, Leena Ghani, and many others in his FIR for making disparaging and derogatory remarks against him.

FIA Booked Meesha Shafi and 8 Others for Being A Part Of A Smear Campaign Against Zafar

On Monday, FIA Cyber Crime Wing charged Meesha Shafi along with eight others for their association with a smearing campaign against Ali Zafar. On the decree of FIA special courts, the FIA against Meesha and Lobby was filed for a non-cognizable offense.

The FIR mentioned, Meesha Shafi, actor iffat Omar, Fariha Ayub, Maham Javaid, Leena Ghani, Ali Gul Pir, Syed Faizan Raza, and Humna Raza. All the accused have booked under Section 20 (1) of the prevention of Electronic Crime Acts 2016 and R/W 109-PPC.

Seems like Miss Shafi took the leg of others while drowning in her self-created whirlpool. Not only her but many others including Iffat Omar – The Jhappi Queen who left no stones unturned in censuring Ali Zafar, have also got fixed. This is what happens when you try to take advantage of being a woman and assaults the dignity of innocent men around you. More power to you Zafar, hope this would teach a befitting lesson to Libtards and Feminazis roaming around.


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