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Meet 55-year old Pakistani Biker Who Visited 16 Countries On His Motorcycle

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Next Destination: Saudi Arab 

Pakistan is undoubtedly a land of many enthusiasts and lively people; People who believe that the age is just a number, people who believe they are not going to let the life live them, instead they will live it to the fullest and Mukarram Tareen is one of those rare peoples in Pakistan who lives life on his terms. 

Mukkarram Tareen, 55, resident of Lahore became imminent when he decided to travel the world on his motorbike. Tareen has visited more than 16 countries including Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Malaysia, and Iran to date. Not only abroad, Mukarram Tareen and his cool motorcycle have also visited and seen each and every corner of Pakistan.

Having similar looks of WWE superstar Hulk Hogan, The Cool-Dad Tareen said “I didn’t just go abroad for sight-seeing, but also worked with multiple charity organizations there. When I meet people abroad, I talk about Pakistan and its beautiful tourist destinations, and invite them over for a visit”

The Lahori Hulk Hogan does not only visit countries but also runs campaigns for the orphans and disabled children. Daddy-cool has a lot of international fan following including travelers and enthusiasts. Bike riders from all over the world make sure to visit him whenever they visit Pakistan. Tareen takes them to sight-seeing and often go camping with them.

The hulk has a large collection of Motorcycles which is very dear to him. According to Tareen, his bike is his most favorite companion on all his trips. “Before setting off for a trip, I make sure my travel companion is geared up. I keep my tent, food items and some other thing along with me” Tareen said

The next destination he plans to commence is Saudi Arabia, as he wants to go there to perform Umrah. 

Tareen also said that his goal is to take Pakistan’s flag to every country he visits and plant it there.

Where many people in Pakistan over the age of 50 are sitting at home, pulling their retired life behind, Lahori Hulk, Tareen is truly an inspiration in breaking Pakistani oldies stereotypes

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Maya SH

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