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Minal Khan Receive Hate Comments for ‘Bold’ Photoshoot

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Aiman and Minal Khan are the finest siblings-duo of the Pakistan Drama Industry. These two artists have taken down the showbiz with their charm and beauty. Tune to any channel, and you will see at least one drama and serial by Khan Sisters. Aiman, after getting married to Muneeb, and becoming a mom to little Amal, takes a break from dramas, while Minal is still pretty active.

Recently, she is a playing leading in two famous shows Nand and Jalan, and both her roles are completely parallel to each other. Where in Nand, she portrayed the role of a simple nice girl Raabi, while in Jalan she is playing Nisha – a jealous, mean sister who snatched her sister’s husband. Both the characters she played were highly loved and appreciated by her fans. But recently Minal Khan did something that upset her fans pretty much.

Minal Khan and Hasnain Lehri ‘Bold’ Photoshoot Enraged Netizens

Recently, some pictures of Minal Khan are circulating over the net which is making netizens raged. The pictures are from her latest photoshoot along with a famous model and actor, Hasnain Lehri. The duo donning white dresses was ensnared in a bold photoshoot. At one point in a BTS video, Minal has seen lying down with Hasnain on a bed, and the director asked her to open her chest (adjusting her little jacket to prompt her chest)

The photoshoot appeared to be for a famous shoe brand named Borjan. Few pictures of the shoot appeared to a bit too bold for the society where Hasnain and Minal were too close, holding each other. Usually, Aiman or Minal has never seen in such type of shoots.

This is the second time that Minal is seen in such a type of photoshoot. Before this, Khan did the photoshoot for the same brand and shared bold pictures on her Instagram. However, this time, the public loses it’s cool watching Minal lying next to a man in front of everyone.

 Netizen bashed Minal for Her ‘Indecent’ and Lewd Photoshoot

 Since the pictures circulated the Social Media, netizens started slamming the actress for her bold photoshoot. The pictures she shared on Instagram received tons of hate comments.

However, the shoot was not a fine sight and was a bit too much for her fans who used to inspire these two sisters for being elegant and graceful despite being associated with the showbiz.


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