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Money heist and Pakistan

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Money Heist is a Spanish show and is almost liked by 96% of the audience that watches the show. These statistics were taken out from the google users. It is a show named La Casa de Papel, the House of Cards. In this show, there’s a criminal mastermind named the professor who prints billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. This takes place with the help of many of his partners named Nairobi, Helsinki, Berlin, Denver, Stockholm, Rio, Tokyo, Moscow, Palermo, and Lisbon. They all are named after cities just to hide their identity.

This show has 4 seasons and is also due for the 5th season in 2021 as well. It is a show known to be very famous worldwide and has a huge audience in Pakistan. Especially because of its reference that was made in the show.

After the reference of Pakistan in this show, as Palermo wanted to have a surgeon from Pakistan. It really excited the Pakistani audience. One more reference that was made od Pakistan was a hacker named Shakir that helped the Professor.

After this unique reference, many tweets were made accordingly but trolls were also to be seen. Numerous memes and posts went all through social media and were seen on both Facebook and Twitter.

The interest of the Pakistani audience grew as they wanted to see a spin-off from Pakistan or a lollywood version of this show. This reference made them more enthusiastic and it brought more views to the original show as it was a big hit in Pakistan as well.

This was considered a huge meme that was seen to be on Facebook as a fan art was made by Pakistanis that got money heist characters CNIC’s of Pakistan.

Tweets were made out that showed that how Pakistani audience is proud that the Spanish media chose the country Pakistan to be helping the professor and how the Indians would be jealous. It showed how bummed and pissed the Indians would be as they didn’t get the reference or like the chance to be in the team of the Professor.

Even Imran Khan and other references related to his government were showed how the government made itself capable of helping the Professor. This is taken as a taunt on the government of Imran Khan.

The Pakistani audience was very happy to be able to realize that it was known in the Spanish media and how it was playing a popular and important role in the famous show money heist.

And as for education-related, someone tweeted out that how doctor Ahmed, someone who was implicated to be a Pakistani surgeon was able to put down the whole world and stood to be a threat that could help the professor. This tweet showed pride.

There is a whole selection made that showed how the Pakistani actors would be able to play the roles of the money heist characters.

The Pakistani audience even selected out the actors for the suitable roles saying that:

  • Helsinki would be best if Shamoon Abbassi played for that character
  • And how the infamous professor can be played by Fawad Khan because of the physical appearance that he will have that could match the physique of the professor.
  • Berlin can be played by Adnan Siddiqui
  • Nairobi can be played by Saba Qamar as she is used to of being able to play smugly characters
  • Denver can be played by Imran Ashraf
  • Stockholm can be played by the famous Vijay Nausheen Shah.
  • Rio can be played by Adnan Reza Mir, brother of Ahad Raza Mir
  • Tokyo can be played by Hania Amir.
  • Moscow can be played by Ahad Raza Mir
  • Palermo can be played by Imran Ashraf
  • Alicia Sierra can be played by Ayeza Khan especially because of the uncanny resemblance.
  • Lisbon the cop named Raquel can be played by Mahirah khan.

This show has created a very big audience in Pakistan that has brought this urge into Pakistanis that they really do want to see how lollywood would be able to put together the scenes in order to make just as competitive and captivating show as the Spanish television industry was able to make. More so, they just want a Pakistani remake.


Sobia Umair

Housewife and mom blogger

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