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Moola Chotok: A must visit heaven in Balochistan

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Usually, Balochistan isn’t considered a tourist attraction in Pakistan. But Balochistan has great potential. We just have to explore it. Today we’re going to talk about Moola Chotok: heaven in Balochistan.

Moola Chotok is situated in the district of Khuzdar, Balochistan. Many people have started exploring this gem of Balochistan. If you search on YouTube about it then, you’ll come across a lot of travelogues on Moola Chotok.

Why Moola Chotok?

This place holds a mesmerizing view of hidden waterfalls in the center of gigantic cliffs. But the most interesting thing about these waterfalls is that the water of the waterfalls is cold in summers and hot in winters.

You can visit Moola Chotok at any time of the year. The location is at a height of 4,000 feet: which makes it perfect for an adventurous trip.

That’s not it! You can also visit the salt mines in this area. Furthermore, the place has huge mountains and the Moola river that, is also the water source for the waterfalls.

Along with this, there are some lakes nearby: which are great for trekking, mountain climbing, and camping.

However, the serenity and stillness of Moola Chotok are what you’ll love the most about it, especially if you’re from an urban area.

Moola Chotok is an escape from the noise of cities. It lets you redefine the meaning of life and gives you a feeling of freedom and peace. And I think that is what most of us crave.

Route to Moola Chotok:

Moola Chotok is located 106 Kilometres from Khuzdar to the northeast of the Kirthar Mountains: which takes a significant time to travel, but if the view is worth it then, the distance isn’t much of a limitation.

Moreover, when you cross the mango, orange, and olive fields, you’ll need a 4 wheeler to travel further as the terrain becomes more rocky and rough.

Shortly after you’ve covered the rocky track, you’ll have to trek from there to the waterfalls: which includes climbing up small hills.

Also, if you want to visit Chota Chotok that has a bunch of small waterfalls then, it’ll take an additional trek of 2 hours.

Important things to carry with you:

As you know that Moola Chotok is a place with rough terrain and a hilly landscape, so it’s better to be equipped with all the necessary items.

We’ve mentioned some important items that you might want to keep with you to make the travel easy and convenient.

  • Trekking boots or shoes that are best suited to the rough terrain
  • Slippers
  • Durable backpack
  • Warm clothes in case the temperature changes at night
  • Extra socks
  • Swimming clothes
  • Towels
  • Shades/Sunglasses
  • Extra Clothes
  • Camping equipment if traveling by yourself
  • A water bottle that can be refilled
  • Extra clothes
  • Tissue
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks

Cost of travelling to Moola Chotok:

It’s best that you opt for a travel package to Moola Chotok by a good travel agency as it’ll be more cost efficient to travel like that. Furthermore, the travel will be safer as other people will also be traveling with you.

Moreover, you won’t have to get in the hassle of arranging transportation, camping and hiking equipment. Normally, travel companies charge around PKR 7000-9000 for one person.

However, this price range can fluctuate depending on the things offered by the company, and the period of the trip also affects the cost of traveling to this heaven in Balochistan.

You can further get information on the best travel tour companies via tourradar.com

If you decide to travel on your own. Then, you’ll have to calculate the budget accordingly as the expense will vary from person to person.

But don’t forget to take someone with you who’s familiar with the place and people of Balochistan who also knows the best routes to Moola Chotok.


Moola Chotok is a place worth visiting. Because it helps us to reconnect with nature and our souls.

The gigantic cliffs and cascading waterfalls of Moola Chotol expand our imagination and give us a reality check of nature’s greatness.

If this article proves to be helpful to you in any way then, don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments section below!


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