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More Baloch Got Murdered By ‘Missing Persons’ – Why the Liberals are Silent?

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Why No Voice Is Condemning the Homicide Of These Poor Balochs by professed ‘Missing Men’

Balochistan – the land which has become the dribbling wound of Pakistan. The region of Balochistan has been witnessing the worst oppression and violence for seven decades. The dream of freedom which the Baloch separatists wove with the delicate emotions of Baloch people is now being fueled up with the blood of several innocent lives. Every day, every single day we woke up to the news of a Baloch went missing, abducted, or murdered. This news often came along with the strong condemnation from the supreme lobby of human rights activists of Pakistan, but from the past two events, we are experiencing a whole different level of hypocrisy.

A few days back, Ashraf Dadain – a 50- year old Baloch man got kidnapped, tortured, and murdered. According to the sources he was abducted from his home in Buleda on July 27. He was tortured for a month and later his body was dumped in Kulbar in Tump. This was indeed a piece of shattering news but to my surprise, there was no censure received from the supreme lobby.

Similarly, another incident followed where a young man identified as Zahid Baloch was brutally killed – but the noble liberals-leftist community was nowhere to be found. Rahim Umrani – A Baloch levies soldier was also killed recently, but why i did not hear any whimpers of the HR Champions?

But wait, they were here last time. I saw them. when a Baloch student Hayat Baloch got allegedly killed by the FC personnel. And they were here whenever there was an incident of illegal abduction of Baloch people, which these Latte-Liberals and Lefties always put up in the military account. They never fail to create fuss and outrage on the matters pertaining to Baloch vs Army.

Reaction when a Baloch-militant is killed

Reaction when a Baloch civilian is killed by the Baloch-militant

Now the question arises that why there is a pin-drop silence? Why no media coverage? Why no protest or condemnation is coming from the whited sepulcher community? Were those who killed was less of Balochs?

No, it’s not about the victim – it was never about the victim. It was about the killer. 

Those Baloch men were killed and murdered by the Separatist or should I say militant Baloch organizations BLA and BRA. The militants brazenly declared and took the responsibility of the murders. It was not army, military, FC this time – neither the Latte-Liberal or Coctail Leftist can put this in their accounts to get sympathies for their ‘cradle babies’ who killed these sons of soil because they were allegedly supporting the state and not their filthy objectives.

Why Marvi Sirmad is not bashing the BLA for killing poor baloch? Why Hamid Mir is not selling his manjan? Why Jibran Nasir is not taking out any protest ? Farhana Bari, Gulalai Ismail, and many others who are part of this ‘Liberal Lot’ – are you people dead or dumb-struck? Where is the entire SAATH forum?

Were they not Baloch or not humans? Where is your holy chant of ‘All lives matters’? Why there isn’t any public protest or university functions are being held by your organizations to provide them Justice? Why this selective advocacy? And then you think we don’t know?

It is now being proved that the Liberal-Leftist society of Pakistan, who claimed to be the Human Rights champions and the resurrector of Humanity is nothing but a mere ‘Social’ wing of these militant organizations. You will find them speaking where there is something to condemn the state or army. You will find them advocating whenever there is any anti-state activity is being carried off. This is now proven that these separatist organizations are their ‘cradle babies’ who are being nurtured and fostered under the umbrella of these Indian Paid sophisticated militants.

Hayat Baloch was one odd incident but the killing of the people like Zahid Baloch, Rahim Omrani and Asharaf Dadain is the common occurrence. Reportedly many locals including academicians were killed during this tenure but there wasn’t or neither there would be any condemning will get to be heard because parents, my friend – can never speak ill of their kids.


Maya SH

Blogging with passion

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