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“Men Can ‘Climb’ on Anyone They Want” – Mullah Promote Rape Amid Speech

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From the past few days, the whole nation is under stress and grieved over the alarming rise of rapes in Pakistan – The recent Motorway incident is still haunting everyone – People are demanding the government to take preventive measures to save the women of the society from this potential threat – Indeed, it’s a threat, but there is another threat bigger than this, which is not only perilous to women but to males as well –Do you know what it is? – Fake, Self-Proclaimed, ‘Jahil’ Mullahs. Yes, there is no bigger threat than those Mullahs, who in the name of Islam spread fake information and instigate people to do things that are wrong or unnecessary. Who blame women for being raped or harassed and promote hatred against them.

Molvi Manzoor Mengal Promotes Rape during His Hate Speech against Feminism

Dr. Manzoor Mengal is a famous cleric of Pakistan and known for his blunt sermons and speeches. He did his Ph.D. from Sindh University in 1991 and is considers as an esteemed Ulema of Deobandi School of Thought. Unfortunately despite being such an educated person, Mengal’s words and thoughts are of Jahil and ignorant person.

Recently an Old Video of Molvi Manzoor making rounds of the internet which is causing extreme uproar in the conscionable society.

In the video, the Molvi giving a sermon to his followers against Feminism. In his hate speech, he called feminists ‘wench and vulgar’ women. He also took a dig on the famous feminist slogan Mera jism, meri Marzi – “Your body, your choice. Then it’s also men’s body and men’s choice – they can ‘climb’ on to anyone they want (Rape) –Then stop anyone if you can” Molvi said.

Listening such derogatory and offensive words from a so-called Aalim e Deen made me wonder about the mental ability of his followers who praise and follow him.

The way this man uses such disgusting language against women, he shouldn’t be allowed to even speak, let alone talking about Islam – He was also got bashed in the past for making ‘pornographic jokes’ while having Quran open in front of him.

After his sermon went viral, many liberal women reportedly had received death and rape threats from unknown numbers and social media accounts in the past. When Mengal informed about such activities, he smoothly denied it. He said that he just made an ‘Azaan’ and it’s not responsibility who responds to it and who not – Just look at this audacity.  

Netizens Bashed Molvi Mengal for his Offensive Remarks

The rude and insulting comments from a respected Maulana Sahab caused outrage in social media. Users express disgust and revolt over his statement.

Those who are confused, let me confirm that I didn’t write this article in favor of Feminists or Feminism – No, I HATE Feminism as well and any other group that promotes Hatred and loathe amongst society. The purpose of writing this blog is to draw attention to the potential threats around you. Nowadays, when rape cases are on its peak, it is important to understand the prodding behind it.

The followers of these Mullahs are normally simpleton men who take every word of such Jahil clerics as word of GOD (God Forbid) – Whatever these so-called Ulemas says, people agree to it without even thinking twice – If there’s this man, then there must be hundreds more out there inciting men in the name of Islam – The government should take immediate action against them before they could produce more rapists and murderers.

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