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Muslim Groom Arrested for Arranging Dance and Liquor Party in Islamabad

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Marriages in Pakistan are becoming nothing but an exhibition for showcasing one’s money and power. The sanctity and dignity related to this virtuous act have been contaminated by the ostentatious display of Indian imported cultures and traditions.

All thanks to the media, the people of Pakistan have become so inspired and engulfed by the outer crassy traditions that they have made it a norm and necessity of every wedding. Under this pretext, a case has been reported from the capital city of Islamabad, which is pretty off-putting for every Muslim.

Muslim Groom Arrested For Arranging a Dance and Liquor Party in Islamabad

According to the sources, 8 persons including three women and a groom has been arrested from Islamabad for violating the marriage act.

As per information, the young groom named Babar Shehzad arranged a lavish jamboree for his friends and family where they have violated the law and order to the fullest. The grand party was packed with all the beer and skittles, proscribed by law and Sharia.

On Sunday, a Police Party under the supervision of Station House Officer (SHO) raided at a marriage function in an area of Rawat and arrested 8 persons for jubilant aerial firing, vulgar dance party, using an amplifier, and drinking liquor in the capital city of Islamabad.

The arrested persons included the groom, Babar Shehzad, Ahsan Mahfooz, Azhar Hussain, Muhammad Yusuf, and Moyassar Hussain. Not only this, but police also arrested some young dancer girls from the ceremony identified as Arooj Fatima, Samina, and Arifa Jehangir.

The police recovered imported liquor bottles, a sound system, and unused cartridges from the possession of the culprits. According to the SHO, this was a clear violation of the Marriage Act of Pakistan which prohibits using Amplifiers, booze, and guns in the ceremony.

The Ruling of Islam on Unnecessary Wedding Functions:

Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said: Marriage is my Sunnah. Whosoever keeps away from it is not for me” (Al-Bukhari)

Unfortunately, we have converted weddings into something so extravagant and lavish that not everyone can afford it, and many people turned their gaze from it because they cannot bear the expenses to meet society’s expectations. This society has become one who keeping it away from the reach of ordinary people.

Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) Said: 

“Expensive dowries and extravagance in wedding parties are things that are contrary to shari’ah. The most blessed marriage is that which is affordable; the less the expenses are, the greater the blessings”

Wedding parties are among the things in which it is prescribed to express happiness and joy and to instill that in the family and the wife, but that does not mean that one should fall into extravagance or spend unnecessarily. The argument that it is only once in a lifetime cannot be an excuse to spend too much. Being extravagant only once is not allowed and is Haraam, just as being extravagant more than once is repeatedly falling into something that is not allowed and is haraam. Nowadays, every wedding occassion is all about vulgar dances, cheap traditions and obscenity. That’s it

This was about spending too much, now coming to the basic points. What Islamic law allows having booze and making young girls dance just because it’s your wedding? Seriously? Whoever is following this should be punished for making fun of Sunnah by adding Haraam things to it.

And after shaking bums with girls, firing rounds of bullets, and drinking a shit ton of booze, you pray to ALLAH to bless your Nikkah? It’s like using cheap material in the construction of the building and then asking Allah to protect it…The way something starts, is a similar way it ends. I don’t want to sound like a cleric but that’s a fact that if you will start something with Haraam so you cannot expect it to give you a halaal outcome. 


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