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Nagas celebrate their Independence Day with Pakistan

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Nagas celebrate with Pakistan

It is no secret anymore that India invaded and brutally annexed number of its neighboring states as soon as it became independent from the British. Nagaland is one of the those nations who declared independence from the British after their long struggles of freedom, however there was this Brahminical bully called India who launched military invasion of Nagas thus pushing Nagas towards militancy.

Nagas who had been fighting British invaders for centuries are now fighting the Indians for the last 70 years, all for them to preserve their unique national identity. However, as the struggle goes, Nagas never forget to cherish the day they declared themselves independent.

It was 14th of August, 1947 when Nagas along with Pakistanis declared independence. Unfortunately, because Pakistan was a much larger state with so much power potential, the independence of the Nagas which also took place the same date, were overshadowed and ignored from the public eyes.

Today is 14th of August, 2020 and Nagas are celebrating the day with full zeal and honor, many Naga leaders have come forward to announce that they will celebrate the Naga independence day with Pakistan in order to establish solid bilateral relationship and regional cooperation.

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Mahatma Gandhi, the father of Indian nation had stated that “Nagas have every right to be independent”. NNC formed Federal Republic of Nagalim in 1956. In response, the Government of India enacted the Armed Forces Act and conducted military operation in all the Nagas inhabited areas.

Gandhi’s doctrine of non-violence was no longer upheld after its independence. Thousands of houses, churches and schools were burnt down and dismantled. Innocent civilians were reportedly tortured by high ranking army officers up to the extent of burying alive after third degree torture.

Pregnant women were kicked and abused and were reportedly forced to give birth in front of the Jawans. Hundreds of villages were burnt down. Almost the whole population was driven into jungles where they live on roots and leaves without medical care. Thousands died of starvation and diseases. Village headmen were blindfolded and executed with their hands tied behind their backs. Many strong men were hung upside-down to death and even roasted. Many were locked-up and put to death of hunger. Many women were raped on the pulpit inside the Holy Church. Many men were tied-up and forced to watch their wives and daughters being raped by the Indian army. 

But all the atrocities and killings were kept hidden from the outside world until today. It is time for the world to come and save the Nagas from the heinousness of India terrorizing a weaker nation. Nagas can no more bear the brutalities of the Indian army. In the eyes of the Nagas, the Indian army is the real terrorist and threats to peaceful co-existence.

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Alila Naga

Striving for the basic human rights of my nation - Nagaland

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