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NASA warned about “Hazardous Asteroid” to fly pass the earth on July 24

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The national aeronautics and space administration ( NASA) issued a warning that a gigantic and potentially hazardous planet will fly pass the earth on July 24.
According to the NASA Officials, the Enormous asteroid way bigger than the famous London Eye which is 443 feet, is about to make its closest approach to Earth on July 24. Birmingham Live reported

This humongous celestial rock is one and a half time larger than the famous London Eye and will come dangerously close to the Earth, keeping the distance of just 0.034 astronomical units (AU)
The potentially hazardous asteroids (PHA) are defined based on the parameters that measures the Asteroid’s potential to make the threatening close approach to the Earth. More specifically, all the asteroids with a minimum orbit intersection distance (MOID) of 0.05 AU or less are termed as PHAs.

he distance between the Earth and the sun is one AU that means 149,598,000 Km, and it is said that the monstrous asteroid which is travelling at the speed of 13.5 kilometers per second, is going to be 5,086,327 kilometers away from the earth. It is called a hair’s width distance in astronomical terms

There is also information of two more gigantic asteroids to pass by the earth on Sunday, named 2016 DY30 and 2020 ME3 by NASA
However, the two celestial rocks doesn’t pose any threat to the planet because of the expected distance from earth would be farther comparing to the one going to pass by on July 24
Strangely, people are taking this event as the second sign of Apocalypse after the Ring of Fire caused by total solar eclipse. However, NASA is also concerned over the distance which is less than the distance of the moon from the Earth


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